Queen Carl Aproxymately

RAM-Queen Carl AproxymatelyIn a blog post in July, investor-pirate Carl Icahn dishes about how he was able to secure seats on Yahoo's board of directors for himself and two of his buddies. In the post, "How I Spent My Weekend" (and you thought yours was noticeably lacking sex appeal), Icahn wrote, "Unlike political elections, where change is often seen, it is unfortunately extremely difficult to take control of a company."

Apparently, high on his 2005 success with Blockbuster (he took complete control of the board) and buoyed after discussions with Microsoft, publicity whore Carl thought Yahoo would be an easy raid. While he was forced to settle for an agreement this time, his proxy war raised a few eyebrows. By Monday, those eyebrows were all over the business pages, including the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Enjoying another 15 minutes of financial fame, Icahn - who has a stadium on Randall's Island in Manhattan named after him (Me! Name it after me!) and is no fan of corporate culture - continued making promises most people hope he won't keep: "I intend to communicate more frequently in the near future." How does he intend to do this? RSS feeds, of course: "If you wish to be informed of these communications - please subscribe to the blog."

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