Brief Attention Span Communications - Serena Software, Inc.

  • by August 25, 2008
Brief Attention Span Communications
Serena Software, Inc.
Finalist Business-to-Business

Brief Attention Span: Greg Gotts, director/scriptwriter/ viral strategy & tactics; Nina Resnikoff, producer; Robin Mortarotti of Mortarotti/Ramirez, director of photography; Steve Kallick, productions editor; Jay Shilliday, audio. Serena Software: Michael Parker, scriptwriter. Affiliated: Involver Video Campaign Platform (Facebook).

BriefThe campaign for serena software, Inc.'s Serena Business Mashups does everything right. It maximizes the entertainment value of social media and succeeds in generating large-scale awareness and lead generation on a minimal budget. The first of two YouTube videos, "Just @#$% It", generated views in the millions and even achieved the mostwatched video status for two days. It got picked up in both leading trades and consumer media, which tripled traffic, and significantly increased the company's leads. The follow-up video, "Go @#$% Yourself," generated more than 1.7 million views and drove more than 8,000 people to the Serena Web site, resulting in a .7 percent response rate. Add in a Facebook group, banner and application blitz, and you've got yourself an integrated campaign like none other.

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