MediaVest - Wal-Mart

  • by August 25, 2008
Finalist Retail/Consumer Products and Services

Susan Cho, digital associate director; Roy Chung, digital associate

Wal-mart aimed to overhaul the way ever-loyal Wal-Mart moms view environmentally friendly products - namely, that they're too much money for too little impact. Wal-Mart decided to quantify what the impact would be if all 200 million Wal-Mart shoppers made small, eco-friendly changes. By partnering with the preeminent social networking site for moms,, Wal-Mart created a "Small Changes" community dedicated to environmental change. It boasted tips, polls and blogs (culminating in a full-site Wal-Mart takeover on Earth Day), and drove traffic with two custom widgets that let moms publicly announce their commitment to change. The proof is in the numbers: sales of cfl light bulb at Wal-Mart nearly doubled, not a small change, after all.


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