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Integrating Search With Other Channels

Cross-channel integration, synergy and synchronization may seem like the buzz words du jour, but Teal explains that there are ways to ensure that your company's on- and offline marketing efforts (including search) work together, that go beyond the hype.

For example, if your company (or client) is opening up a new store location, combining local offline ads with local search is a great way to gain visibility in the new neighborhood. And if your company snags a lot of print press--draft it by calling attention to the buzz on your Web site. "Integrate podcasts so potential leads can easily download the media for the commute home," Teal says.

And prior to launching a new product, get the traditional and digital marketing teams together so that the product packaging, TV, print, radio and Web copy reinforce the same message. "There are infinite opportunities to bridge your company's message across traditional and online media forms, where potential customers are exposed to a consistent voice, a consistent message, and a consistent brand," Teal says.



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