Genex - Acura,

  • by August 26, 2008
Finalist Retail

Chip McCarthy, creative director; Paul Lee, Nink Suchinda, art directors; Michael Reniger, Flash developer; Jonathan Backer, Adair Seldon, copywriters; Jim Derosa, Karisa Alen, project managers; Pete Moran, client partner; Pete Davis, video editor

Plenty of auto sites claim to give you a good preview of the car, but Acura's interactive showroom provides users highly detailed views from any angle, inside and out, via 25 content modules complete with interactive and linear presentations, video and audio. Users can operate the car's controls, check out the navigation system, even rev the engine, just for fun. There's no option to kick the tires, but maybe they'll figure that out in Web 3.0.

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