Intel Top Down

Todd Sussman, management Supervisor, MRM Worldwide on Intel digital/social media campaign aimed at IT pros.  (sorry for no caps, etc.) "In the old model they were forcing IT guys to learn products from top down, watered down comms, through marketing department. we asked Intel how we could close that gap.  How can we close the gap between IT manager and the guy who actually built the product.  A couple of years ago, we worked with SlashDot and built a forum, and for eight weeks and every week had a different topic, opened the week with a blog, and said, "ask us questions." we'd get very technical detailed questions, and the engineers loved it, Intel loved it.  For every week a different topic, questions that were very natural and organic.

so that was interesting, but it was on a single property.  Next and we are about to do this again. In banner chats; we worked with new vendors took rich media placement on techie sites, rich media banner, where when you roll over the banner it expands into large banner with live dialogue embedded.  the idea of not asking someone to have to go through lots of steps was, why not make it simple, roll over banner and you are immediately in chat.  We ran it for four days, an hour a day. we got tremendous numbers of people asking questions.  We had five engineers on Intel involved; they loved it.  It energized Intel.  When we did it there was a huge shift within Intel.  The next big product launch we did it again extending reach and properties.  WE got even more people asking questions.  then we would take transcripts from QA put them in Intel's own dialogue site.

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