Techie to Techie

Todd Sussman, management Supervisor, MRM Worldwide says the new social media worked changed culture at Intel's marketing department.  "There is no linear path to how the tech guy learns no technology.  They are bouncing around and every day. We want to be able to catch them in this various places, which was the point of in-banner chat."  He says MRM  created concept with Itopia, educating on Intel's products creating this concept, Itopia, chatin one to one dialogue: what makes it difficult for you to be IT manager. Then we can show you how our product can benefit.  First tell us that remote manageability is difficult for you, rather than us telling you about our product.  On top it says, "Ask an Expert."

"Now we have extended Itopia, now even if you go to business home page at Intel  you'll see 'ask an expert'."

Augustine Fou, MRM: "the original chats and programs are in places people hang out already, now we have a venue at Intel where you can continue the conversation.  You can't just build a church, you have to go out, build a congregation first."

Sussman: the big idea was let's remove marketing from the conversation and let audience talk to the people they admire.  Techie to techie talking.  The interesting thing that happens at Intel is that the engineers get excited and experts get really jazzed.

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