Odd Bedfellows

Election years make for a host of bizarre tie-ins

Attach your product to a recognizable enough commodity - say, a celebrity politician who's running for president - then kick back and watch the money flood in. Maybe: Not all ideas are created equal, but we do live in a capitalist democracy, so that's for you to decide. After all, the only votes that really count are those made with the almighty dollar, and marketers are hoping to enjoy some economic stimulus, Obama-style.

The Obama camp has assembled a network of consulting teams to handle the various niche aspects of the campaign, ranging from specialized ads targeting black and Hispanic voters to experiments with snazzy new media. Almost every aspect of Obama's intricately crafted image is under the strictest control. But what happens when that likeness takes on a life of its own?

FTR-Odd Bedfellows-KIA

If convincing the American public that you're fit to lead is anything like selling a new car, then the folks at KIA might be on to something. In this spot, a Faux-bama rallies the masses - "Yes You Can!" - to buy one of the shop's fine motor vehicles. Burning a $4 gallon of gas while driving through a mall parking lot never felt so hopeful.

Bedfellows-Jailbreak toys

Though not quite a political puppet, the Obama action figure brought to you by Jailbreak Toys might be the next best thing. He comes fully poseable, with "eight points of articulation," ready to inspire your collection of toy soldiers left toiling in the sandbox. Terrorist fist-bump action sold separately.

FTR-Odd Bedfellows-Sixpoint Craft Ales

The country is divided, and our government desperately needs a unifying force. What better way to bring them together than with a really great beer? Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Craft Ales offers up Hop Obama, promising "flavors that are individually unique but gain their solidarity from their indivisibility."

FTR-Odd BedFellows-AndrewChristian

Obama may have avoided making an ass of himself thus far, but accidentally put these skivvies on backward and you'll have managed to do that for him. Worn correctly, Barack provides you with much-needed support; the least you can do is to return the favor by sharing your endorsement with all your friends.

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