4 Key Steps To Engaging Hispanics Through Events

In my line of work I come across many factoids about marketing to Hispanics. But recently one small tidbit has been lodged in my brain: Hispanics show more loyalty to the companies and brands that try to speak to them as they assimilate and edit American culture.

Undoubtedly, Hispanics' spending patterns will determine the success or failure of many products and services going forward. Considering that one third of the 47 million Hispanics in the U.S. are under 18 and were born in the U.S., assimilating to the American culture will be a natural progression for this group. Bottom line: Hispanics are adopting the American way of life.

Of course, a huge part of the American way of life is going out - hitting what I call lifestyle destinations and events. While these lifestyle venues can be a huge opportunity to tap into the Hispanic market, it's important to understand that you cannot target this demographic without a strategic approach.

To that end, below are four key strategies that could help you successfully activate at Hispanic lifestyle destinations and events:



1. Tie into pre-existing and established Hispanic lifestyle events

The best approach will rarely be to create a custom event from scratch. You should always first look to leverage the value, popularity and equity that pre-existing events and destinations have already created. This starts by tying into existing events/venues that are relevant within the target community. Want to access tens of thousands of Hispanic soccer (futbol!) lovers? Don't assemble all the pieces yourself. Turn to the experts like ChiTown Futbol, which is the ultimate host of games and tournaments in Chicago.

Those going after the Hispanic consumer must also understand that different types of events attract Hispanics from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. Consequently, it's important to know that the nationality of the Hispanic consumer that you are targeting is represented within the venue you're seeking to partner with if your event execution is to be successful.

2. Customize creative

The creative featured on all collateral and signage, as well as the event premiums that are distributed at the event, need to work for the environment in which they're placed. As we all know, Hispanic consumers are very loyal to the brands they choose to show patronage to, so advertisers -- and their agencies -- should take the time to work on culturally relevant artwork that will resonate with the specific Hispanic target at the event.

Of course, that doesn't mean just slapping generic logos or art from generic print ads onto your event materials. That approach won't work. Instead, try designing artwork that references the flag of your Hispanic consumer's country of origin (even if it's just the colors). If you take this type of approach, I guarantee you'll definitely leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

What if you do not have custom creative or the time or resources to edit the artwork? Challenge your partner agencies, trusted vendors or the team handling the activation. At Zoom Media and Marketing, we never let a client tell us they don't have proper creative or the time to customize the message. We always find a solution even if it means contracting with freelance designers.

3. Use outgoing staff

Due to the conservative nature of the Hispanic target at most events, hiring the best outgoing staff is a must. Crowds are there for entertaining and may view certain staff as an unsolicited distraction. Consequently, brand ambassadors that are attractive and full of energy are imperative because they will easily gain the trust of the crowd and infuse them with enthusiasm for your brand!

Additionally, be sure to know your sources for local staff. I always recommend that clients never be farther than one step from the staff who represent their brand. Remember, staff will be the key to the success of the event because they possess the ability to get consumers to interact with your product and genuinely have fun with your brand.

4. Supporting all events with strategic, targeted media

While in most cases an event will only last one or two days, smart media buys can be placed in targeted areas to guarantee the message lasts long after the event is over. Support your own activation with targeted non-traditional media in order to make the impact of your brand's message and event last longer.

It is also extremely important that you take advantage of existing media equity surrounding the event venue. I have found alternative out-of-home to be the most flexible and targeted format, but pre-event radio, guerrilla media, and lifestyle media formats can also stay in market longer than the event itself.

Although your brand's objectives may vary, one thing that must remain constant when reaching Hispanic consumers is the need to execute a targeted and strategic event. By using the four strategies discussed above, your event can provide this demographic with the leisure interest that it is looking for, and more importantly, create a long-lasting memory through a positive experience with your brand.

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