Switching Over -- Or Out?

I don't know about you, but whenever I encounter those earnest ads that tell us all about the digital switchover and what we have to do to ensure continued service beyond The Big Day, I can't help wondering just how much is truly understood by the average viewer.

Assuming they're actually paying attention (a pretty big assumption, but let's go with it for the sake of the argument), I have a feeling that many will be confused or at best left wondering if it applies to them.  After all, while it may seem straightforward to those of us who have been pondering it to varying degrees for the last couple of years, we aren't exactly representative of the population as a whole.

I suspect there are a whole bunch of unanswered questions floating around in many people's heads, including:

·        Does this affect me?

·        What do I have to do?



·        Will it affect all my sets?

·        What if I do nothing?

·        Will my kids / friends / relatives / that smart-ass at the office know what I've got to do?

·        How long can I delay doing anything?

·        Great, so how much more have I got to fork out?

·        Do I have digital or that analog TV they were talking about


·        Did they just say my TV was going to stop working?  When?  Why?

This is before we get into the talk of coupons and all the rest of it.   Many people I've spoken to have little knowledge of what is coming.  Admittedly a good portion of them know that something is afoot and that it's due to happen in February, so they figure they've got plenty of time to do whatever is necessary and they'll probably wait until well after the holiday period before turning their attention to it.

Am I alone in thinking that we probably have a large number of people out there who sit somewhere between confused and apathetic on the issue?  I haven't seen too much data on how the public is responding to the campaign to get them prepared for the switchover -- have you?

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