AOL Hands Off Video Duties To Brightcove

McIntyreAfter years of handling video content management internally, AOL is expected to announce today that it is bringing in Brightcove to take over those duties.

The transition, expected to be completed by early next year, will leave the thriving online video platform with control over AOL's video content management, publishing, and playback duties.

Asked whether the move represented a vote of no confidence for AOL's technological expertise, AOL SVP Fred McIntyre said it was anything but.

"This is about focus and perfect timing," McIntyre said. "Handing content management over to Brightcove will allow us to refocus our efforts on our expertise in search and discovery with Truveo, and ad optimization with Platform-A and Lightningcast."

"In terms of timing, Brightcove was in the process of rolling out the third version of their platform, which demonstrated a real ability to help us scale and operate globally," he added.



Outsourcing back-end video services does lend itself to the popular notion that AOL is continuing to slim down in anticipation of a pending sale. On that subject, however, McIntyre had no comment.

The announcement extends the relationship between the two companies, which began in 2006 when AOL became a minority stakeholder in Brightcove.

Beginning in early 2009, AOL Programming and AOL Video programming partners will use Brightcove to deliver video to its millions of users. Brightcove's integration with AOL's global ad platform, Platform-A, is also expected to expand opportunities for content partners to monetize video with online advertising.

Brightcove has its hands full these days as more publishers are confronted with the complexities of video content management. Just last week, relaunched its video platform with the help of Brightcove's online video technology platform.

"AOL's adoption of Brightcove signals a shift in the market where even the largest online video publishers are using online video platforms to help drive quality, while also reducing costs," said Jeremy Allaire, chairman and CEO of Brightcove.

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