Omnicom Launches Mobile Agency

Alan Rambam of Omnicom Omnicom Group is launching a new mobile practice that promises to marry behavioral and mobile marketing. The appropriately named Mobile Behavior agency is intended to help advertisers better understand consumers' mobile behaviors, hopefully leading to more effective use of the mobile marketing channel in conjunction with other media.

The new agency combines the expertise of Omnicom's Youth and Mobile Marketing business with the global reach of its various advertising and marketing agencies. The practice will work with Omnicom's agencies on projects for advertisers.

Alan Rambam, previously the head of Youth and Mobile Marketing, will run the new company.

Omnicom is emphasizing advantages to clients, including the large scale allowed by Mobile Behavior's relationships with existing networks and carriers, as well as the convenience of a single point of contact for creating and executing mobile marketing campaigns.



Omnicom President and Chief Executive Officer John D. Wren boasted that "Mobile Behavior connects the dots across the full range of mobile enablers--media, advertising, sponsors, supply chains, OEMs, carriers, application developers, aggregators--to make them all better and more relevant in new and innovative ways."

Most of the big global ad-holding companies have moved aggressively to build or acquire cutting-edge mobile marketing practices over the last few years.

In May 2008, Publicis announced that its special innovation-focused Denuo shop had partnered with GoldSpot, a firm specializing in mobile marketing research, to offer advertisers more effective dynamic integration of ads in mobile video content.

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