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Free SEO For 30-Day Trial

RankSense will let you subscribe to its SEO software for a 90-day free trial. However, the company bills after 30 days, so you might want to set a reminder if you don't think the package fits your needs. Daniel Scocco walks you through the 12 integrated tools in the package, all focused on optimizing most aspects of your blog or Web site. He also provides a little background on Hamlet Batista, the creator of the software.

Features found in the software include advanced keyword research tools, analysis, a Web site SEO check, and more. "The interesting thing about the RankSense software is that their approach is toward simplicity and time saving," he writes, after giving the package a spin. "Some SEO tools are really complex and have steep learning curves. RankSense, on the other hand, was developed to be as user friendly as possibly, so even beginners can work on their SEO efficiently."

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