• by August 9, 2000
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JAMES HOFFMAN, CEO of Bigfoot Interactive, is authoring a book on personalized email marketing. The book promises to explore how to reach online customers through personalized messages and create a lasting, meaningful relationship. According to Hoffman, "A part of remaining a leader in any industry is to teach businesses new ways of working. Thus, this book serves to educate organizations on how to better service their new online customers by illustrating the different drivers of how customers communicate online. This book is an important read for anyone involved in the marketing industry." An agreement between Bigfoot and eBrandedBooks.com has been signed to publish the book, which is scheduled for release in January 2001. Free select parts will be published by eBrandedBooks.com and available on their website.



Hoffman founded Bigfoot in 1995 with his partner, Lenny Barshack, and has been instrumental in establishing Bigfoot International and its four subsidiary Internet companies: NeoPlanet Internet Environment, Bigfoot Interactive, Bigfoot for Life and Bigfoot Directories. An expert industry source on issues affecting Web standards, Hoffman has presented at seminars and conferences on the "browser wars," and enhancing the consumer experience on the Internet. His accomplishments include a 1996 CODIE nomination for Virtual New York.


JAMES BARRY has joined Adtegrity.com's executive management team as VP of Sales. He will be responsible for all aspects of sales, developing alternate sales channels, and helping establish new vertical markets. Barry brings 9 years of sales and management experience, all in technology-related fields.

ALINA DE VARONA and MICHAEL HOLDERLE have new positions at Katz Hispanic Media. De Varona has been named Manager of the new Miami office. Most recently she was VP of Advertising Sales for Telemundo International. Holderle has been promoted from Sr. Account Executive to Manager of the new San Antonio office. He held the position of Sr. Account Executive for 15 years before his recent promotion.

BLAKE E. FROEHLICH has joined RappDigital, the interactive marketing services company of Rapp Collins Worldwide, as V

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