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Chrome: More Widely Used Than You Think

  • Cnet, Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:30 AM
Google's Chrome browser might not exactly be mainstream, but it's more widely used than you might think and is catching on as a default browser.

Among those working at Cnet News, 3.6% of those visiting the site in October used Chrome, up from 1% in September, when Google launched Chrome. It lagged Microsoft Internet Explorer, with 40.7%, Firefox with 37.4%, and Safari with 18.2%, but beat out Opera, with 1.2% in October. (Other browsers bring the total to 100 percent.) Of course, these results are somewhat skewed since Cnet News has a more adventurous and techno-savvy audience than the average Web site.

For a more mainstream view, Net Applications gives Chrome's share at 0.74%, essentially tied with Opera at 0.75% for October. Leading the pack is IE with 71.3%, followed by Firefox at 20%, and Safari at 6.6%. While it doesn't look like Chrome is crushing either of the major powers, second-tier browser companies should certainly be paying attention, given how rapidly Chrome ascended to striking distance.

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