Specific Media: Display Ads Lift Searches

specificmediaPrior research has demonstrated the impact that display advertising has on search activity, but never as dramatically as a new study from Web media platform Specific Media indicates.

In particular, in the travel and tourism category, display advertising led to a full 274% lift on both paid and organic searches and clicks. In the health category, display demonstrated a 260% lift on search activity, while in the personal finance category, display was responsible for a 206% increase in search.

"As advertisers look to control their media spend, measure impact and validate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, strategies that lift organic traffic are invaluable," said Chris Vanderhook, chief operating officer at Specific Media.

Demonstrating a correlation between display and search, the study incorporated 12 months of proprietary "ad effectiveness" data backed by comScore, tracking approximately 60 Specific Media campaigns.



According to Vanderhook: "We've always known that display advertising significantly impacts consumer activity."

The study demonstrates that consumers exposed to display advertising were more likely to search for brand terms, such as "automotive manufacturer," and segment terms, like "vehicle class," than unexposed consumers.

Of all the categories included in the study, consumer packaged goods demonstrated the smallest increase--just 22%. In addition, in the retail category, display advertising demonstrated a mere 69% lift on search activity.

Display advertising led to a 144% lift on search in both the automotive and news and media category. In the property and real estate category, meanwhile, display demonstrated a 125% lift in search.

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  1. Michael Winner from WBAL-TV, December 4, 2008 at 11:16 a.m.

    We have experienced this first-hand with our advertisers. Consumers use search when they are ready to buy but typically stick with the familiar brands that appear in their search results. Consumers are simply more likely to do business with a trusted brand, which search alone cannot provide.

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