Just an Online Minute... Wireless or Not

  • by August 23, 2000
Even if advertisers remain skeptical about wireless ad delivery as a whole, companies seem to be diving into developing wireless advertising systems head first.

As arguable as the prediction may be, Motorola expects that more people will be accessing the Internet from a wireless device than a desktop computer by 2004, which could be a partial reason why so many companies are working to get a head start on technology.

Take this morning's announcement from AdForce, for example. The CMGI subsidiary has decided to collaborate with OpenGrid, Inc., a leader in providing intelligent wireless eBusiness solutions, to "further the AdForce EveryWhere initiative by allowing advertisers to reach customers on mobile devices."

AdForce themselves admit the wireless field is fallow. Dee Cravens, executive VP of AdForce said that by teaming up with OpenGrid, AdForce will "map out the uncultivated territory of wireless advertising, and maximize the advertising potential of the wireless market just as it becomes the de facto method of accessing the Internet."



De facto or not, under the agreement, AdForce will serve, target and track text and graphic ads to wireless devices, such as cell phones, pagers and other PDAs. The wireless ad delivery technology will integrate OpenGrid's wireless systems for messaging, commerce, content and promotions.

Jens Horstmann, president of OpenGrid, said that joining forces with AdForce, the tow companies will allow end-users to transact from the wireless deivces, optimizing both the ad's effectiveness and its usefulness to the recipient.

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