Too High to Die

FOB: Too Hight to DieDiesel, we're not quite sure what you sniff, snort and smoke in your marketing meetings, but we thank our lucky slaughterhouses for whatever heroin-induced vision produced the marketing rock opera sing-along "The Rise and Fall of Pete the Meat Puppet." We're also not sure what, if anything, it all has to do with selling fancy, overpriced designer jeans, but it doesn't make any less sense than Buddy Lee for Lee Jeans, Mr. Bill for MasterCard or Paris Hilton for Carl's Jr.

Pete, you see, is a puppet made of meat. A lonely butcher in search of companionship assembled him one night - from his bacon face to his portly sausage-and-short-rib body to his lamb shank limbs. When he magically comes to life after drinking some breast milk (that always brings us to life), Pete embarks on a journey worthy of an E! True Hollywood Story - complete with coke, whores and the sight of him sawing off and eating his own leg.
The video was created by Stockholm-based FarFar in collaboration with the Diesel creative team, and a rep from Diesel promises Pete'll be back with his own show. Diesel is fast becoming either every creative's wet dream, or its own content portal, or both.
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