A Mighty Long Time

FOB: A Mighty Long TimeTalk about staying power. "A Diamond is Forever" debuted in 1948 and outlasted the agency that coined it, N.W. Ayer & Sons - which was acquired by Publicis and absorbed into the holding company in 2002. The slogan, on the other hand, might last forever.

Under the heading of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," JWT played off the tag in an experiential effort staged in NYC's Madison Square Park called "Unbreakable Kiss."

Remember how cool those stop-and-360-degree-spin shots in the Matrix were? Now they're in a jewelry commercial featuring the good people of New York. JWT set up a circle in the park where couples could kiss under the mistletoe. Just like every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings, every time a couple ascended the podium to be "frozen in time," the Elton John AIDS Foundation received $5 (all those kisses raised $50,000). The event, which was so successful that JWT has been invited by the park to bring the event back annually, began Dec. 1, to coincide with World AIDS Day, and ended Dec. 5. But the frozen moments in time, they'll live on. Each kiss was recorded by 60 cameras, creating the Matrix effect in 30-second movies, which were then posted to the Web site, where they could be downloaded and kept, you know, forever.
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