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Jeff Hirsch

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  • CMO PubMatic
  • Twitter: jkhirsch
  • New York New York
  • 10036 USA

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  • The Greater Good: Industry Must Support Standardization in Marketing Insider on 11/12/2018

    Open, transparent standards and shared principles of conduct accessible to and agreed upon by everyone will move the industry forward.

  • Pop Goes The Social: 4 Signs The Social Media Bubble Will Burst  in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 04/23/2014

    As the market has become flooded with social media marketing solutions and providers, the ad industry is fast approaching the tipping point of inevitable decline. When overall market demand is skyrocketing, it's easy to sell futures even if you don't quite have the talent and technology to back it up

  • Macroeconomics And The Digital Space in Marketing Daily on 01/31/2014

    Recalling eighth-grade civics may not be the most exciting thing in the world. However, if you'll bear with me, the fundamental principles of economics can help us understand some of the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the state of the digital economy.

  • Stop Saying Ad Networks Are Dead Or Dying - Just Stop in Real-Time Daily on 12/02/2013

    It's time to stop pronouncing the death of the ad network and realize that not only are they here to stay -- these companies provide a valuable service to both advertisers and publishers. These businesses continue to evolve and have even proven their value with Wall Street investors.

  • In Programmatic, The Pressure Is On Creative To Deliver The Goods in Real-Time Daily on 10/08/2013

    Programmatic advertising has made it easier than ever to get the right message to the right consumer at the right time on the right device. There's an abundance of data to work with, and that data, activated by technology, takes most of the guesswork out of targeting. When an advertiser identifies a consumer that demonstrates a number of specific behaviors, then they can serve ads to these people live and in real time. The benefit to programmatic is that now advertisers can have campaigns that are always on-call. We have taken the path to efficiency to a new level and we are not done yet. This amount of accuracy presents a new challenge and responsibility. Now that we're able to serve relevant communications, the pressure is on to message with finesse. All the right levers have been pulled automatically to hit the target, now the onus is on the creative to deliver the goods. In a programmatic world, the creative may be the only remaining variable in the performance equation. We now have a need for programmatic creative.

  • Online Video: Segmenting The Current Media Darling in Video Insider on 06/24/2011

    New media trends last about a day and a half in the digital marketing business. And now it is online video's time to bask in the limelight like a shiny new coin, vying for media buyers' attention and dollars. It has moved within a year from the hot media with great CPMs for publishers and high engagement for advertisers to a rapidly maturing channel that lives in the same neighborhood as mobile and search, or at least the adjacent zip code, with mobile and tablets subletting nearby.

  • How Data is Shaping History in Online Media Daily on 11/24/2009

    Innovation and advances in technology have continuously created circumstances that significantly alter how people live their lives, make a living, thereby changing the course of history.

  • Vertical Networks: So Close But Yet So Far in Online Media Daily on 05/28/2008

    Following trends in the online space is a lot like watching reality TV shows. There are hot concepts that spring up all the time--some that stick and some that fall off the face of the map.

  • BT: Beyond the Click Through in Online Media Daily on 01/14/2008

    As the lowest common denominator, it is clear why CTR has emerged as a primary measurement criterion around ad effectiveness. It is, however, often one of the most misleading metrics available. There's a huge difference between measuring click through rates and measuring why people click on ads or links in the first place. Let's explore the value behind measuring why people click and how this understanding can make a huge difference to campaign results.

  • How To Evaluate A Network Buy in Online Media Daily on 12/19/2006

    Marketers have long recognized the value ad networks can provide, but the same force that is driving marketers to networks--cost--can prevent them from maximizing the value of their network ad spending.

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  • How's The Programmatic Sector Doing? Look At Its People, Not Its Machinery, To Find Out by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 10/03/2016)

    Certainly identifying employee counts is an interesting metric to use to understand how a company might be doing.  It’s helpful from an external standpoint as the information is readily available, for both public and private companies alike.  That said, it is only one metric.  A company’s profitability and sustainability is not measured by headcount.  PubMatic has publicly stated that we have been profitable on an EBITDA basis for three years running and, through thoughtful management of expenses such as personnel costs, is also cash flow positive.  In order to evaluate a company, its important to take a holistic viewpoint.  Let’s take a look at this same list of companies and look at cash flow and see how the landscape looks with that lens applied.

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