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Eric Porres

Member since November 2005

  • CEO MeetingScience
  • Twitter: eporres
  • 25 West 81st Street
  • Suite 2B
  • New York New York
  • 10024 USA

Eric Porres is the founder and CEO of MeetingScience. Previously he held executive leadership positions at SundaySky, Sailthru, and Lotame. At Rocket Fuel, he helped the company scale revenue 10x to over $400MM annually and complete its IPO. Eric previously was a founding partner of Underscore Marketing, and helped build the team into a recognized Inc 5000 company. He was also a founder of Pericles Consulting, an online political marketing firm that executed programs for Presidential and Senatorial campaigns. Earlier in his career, Eric held management positions at AOL Time Warner,, and LiveTechnology. He is an active investor and adviser to several start-up companies. Eric graduated from Duke University.

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  • Dear Marketers, Data Alone Cannot Cure Your Personalization Problems in Marketing Insider on 01/15/2018

    In a recent survey of our Fortune 500 customers, we asked them to rank their most common data challenges. Integrating multiple data sources was the top result, with analyzing data to draw insights and acting on the data tied for second place.

  • 5 New Year's Resolutions For Ad Tech in MediaDailyNews on 01/05/2015

    In an industry that is transforming and growing as fast as ad tech, there are new players emerging daily, and the space is becoming increasingly fragmented and crowded. How do winners emerge from the pack?

  • How Big Data's Complexity Changes The Role Of Today's CMO in Metrics Insider on 07/17/2013

    The unprecedented tsunami of data available to marketers has dramatically changed digital advertising - and the ways CMOs must make decisions about it. Big Data continues to amplify digital's capabilities and creates entirely new ones. Marketers now have a nearly infinite number of variables they can tweak to design the best campaigns possible for their audiences. Yet as the ad world becomes more automated thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, data collection and analysis is more complex than ever before. A 2012 Gartner report found that by 2017, CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs. However, new tools alone will not be enough. The most challenging aspects will lie in understanding and embracing the fundamental change in the CMO's role.

  • The Seven Secrets Of Online Shoppers in Marketing Daily on 12/13/2012

    U.S. consumers are expected to spend $1 trillion this holiday season, with at least $43B of that spent online. For retailers trying to capture the attention of today's bargain-hunting, Facebook posting, Twitter-sharing online shoppers, last year's standard tactics of limited-time offers and free shipping won't work.

  • Back-To-School Shopping: Bringing Up Daddy in Marketing Daily on 08/29/2012

    Retailers of family and household goods can no longer afford to market "only to moms." New research from Rocket Fuel shows that dads are making just as many back-to-school purchases -- and using mobile, online, and social media to do so.

  • Why Brands Miss The Mark in Engage:Moms on 06/01/2012

    And how big data can change that.

  • Super Bowl Is Good Road Map For Upfront Buys in MediaDailyNews on 03/16/2012

    Media buyers know how challenging it can be to accurately allocate budget to TV vs. online video and other emerging channels. There is no universally agreed way to determine exact allocation budgets, but this year's Super Bowl may be a helpful guide when determining where to spend ad dollars.

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  • What Makes A Bad Salesperson (Hint: See Below)? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 06/29/2016)

    Here's a note we received fom Oracle Marketing Cloud... stop me me if you've heard this before:Subject line: Wanted to connect. Hi ______,   Wanted send a quick note to introduce myself and the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

  • Is Programmatic Ad Tech Becoming Too Powerful for Marketers? by Ben Maitland (Programmatic Insider on 06/16/2014)

    Technology pages tend to be written for technology people. But we agree that results matter. We would encourage the author, Ben Maitland, to visit our success story page (, which profiles what programmatic really means for 45 marketers, among them, more effective advertising, better ROI, and insights that can be applied to other media. Sincerely, Eric Porres, CMO, Rocket Fuel

  • With Video, Fraud Is Very Viewable by Joe Marchese (Online Spin on 05/29/2014)

    We're disappointed that Joe would take alleged results from an FT article as fact in his Spin column today. Accordingly, below please find our statement regarding the FT, also available at Bots are a real problem, but less so than sensational headlines on top of non-news. A recent Financial Times article cites Mercedes-Benz as estimating that fewer than 6% of an online advertising campaign served by Rocket Fuel were labeled as questionable, yet the headline suggests an apocalypse of digital advertising. Between Rocket Fuel's bot-screening technology and our accredited partners' (in this case, Integral Ad Science) real-time screening, Rocket Fuel found quality ad inventory to serve in place of the 6% of Mercedes ads identified as questionable, and delivered those impressions to humans. Rocket Fuel takes an aggressive posture to screen bots out of the ad space in the over 200 countries worldwide where we serve our customers' ads. We reject approximately 40% of all ad space daily due to its failure to pass our own bot and brand-safety screens. In February of 2014, when the Financial Times suggests that we delivered approximately 200,000 impressions to bots, we rejected 497,827,451,520 impressions while evaluating approximately 1.1 trillion impressions as candidates for our customers' ads. There is an ongoing arms race between Rocket Fuel and scammers who create fake websites and bot traffic in an attempt to fool advertisers into spending money to "advertise" to these bots who can appear human if not studied carefully. We want to help advertisers make sure they're getting real results from Rocket Fuel and their other partners, and to this end we have been providing free tools for years to help them run clean A/B tests to measure the incremental value Rocket Fuel adds to their advertising. In addition, two weeks ago we announced that we will release a free bot-detection tool that will further help advertisers keep bots out of their results. As we help advertisers achieve new levels of success in digital marketing, they spend more with Rocket Fuel. This, in turn, has powered our growth as Deloitte's #1 fastest-growing technology company in North America, and is further evidenced by our industry-leading success-story program which features 45 branded customer testimonials. Sincerely, Eric Porres Chief Marketing Officer Rocket Fuel Inc.

  • Should Everyone Go All-In With Automation? by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 04/10/2013)

    For anyone interested in the Forrester Consulting report about Rocket Fuel touted the benefits of going all-in with automation, you can download the free report here: Sincerely, Eric | CMO | Rocket Fuel

  • The Seven Secrets Of Online Shoppers by Eric Porres (Marketing Daily on 12/13/2012)

    Hi Gray, we conducted original research at Rocket Fuel to uncover these insights across a variety of retail campaigns served on behalf of US advertisers between Q2 and Q3. You can find a copy of the full infographic and baseline data that support the research here:

  • The Fiscal Cliff And Agency Reviews by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 12/06/2012)

    Good article Dave. I hope and believe that enlightened brands will think about the difference between building a home vs. renting an apartment. CMO tenure stats get a bad rap! The latest study from Spencer Stuart pegs it at 43 months. (

  • Marketers And Media Companies, Start Your Scientists by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 09/22/2011)

    Great points Dave, I'm working with a trained anthropologist/neuroscientist now, and it's pretty remarkable what comes of those conversations and resulting UI decisions. Gut feel has been supplanted by neuroscientific rationale, and on the front-end it's a rare blessing to work with a design team that can accept the science blended with an aesthetic.

  • Click-Through Metrics Come Under Fire by Gavin O'Malley (Online Media Daily on 04/25/2011)

    I would encourage folks to read the whitepaper Lotame released last year which was the first ever cross-metric study of brand equity measures and their relationships to clicks, interactivity, and time spent. Nice to see the conclusions we made are further validated nearly a year later. Sincerely,Eric Porres, Lotame

  • gWallet Founder Launches Social Data-Driven Ad Network by Mark Walsh (Online Media Daily on 10/18/2010)

    "Unlike existing social ad networks such as Lotame that serve ads within social media..." To clarify, while Lotame started working with some social networks and at the time social media-driven sites more than 3 years ago, it was because of that work--with complex and unstructured data sets--that we were able to advance Crowd Control, our audience data management platform, to power audience solutions for today's leading publishers, advertisers, agencies, and agency trading desks. All media today is social, and so the distinction between social media and media no longer applies. We encourage the author to visit for more information on Lotame's solutions. Sincerely,Eric PorresCMO, Lotame

  • Study: Time Spent With Display Ads Boosts Searches by Laurie Sullivan (Online Media Daily on 05/07/2010)

    This is a good start, but the focus of results on conversion rates and searches as a proxy for brand effectiveness is misleading. By comparison, Lotame released a whitepaper that shows the cross-correlation of brand metrics as they relate to CTR, interaction rate, and InView Time Spent (our flavor of Dwell Time). Dwell Time is most highly correlated with Ad Recall, followed by viewership intent (for movies and TV shows), and only slightly correlated with awareness and purchase intent. For a full copy of the free whitepaper, please visit: Sincerely,Eric L. PorresChief Marketing OfficerLotame Solutions, Inc.

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