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Bryan House

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Bryan House is VP of Marketing for Acquia, the enterprise guide to Drupal. Acquia helps accelerate digital engagement for enterprises with Drupal solutions for social, mobile and the Web.

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  • Growing A Mo: Lessons Learned From The Movember Project in Engage:Men on 12/19/2013

    Were any of your colleagues or friends sporting awkward moustaches until recently? If so, it's likely they were among the thousands of Mo-Bros taking part in the worldwide Movember movement committed to raising funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Those awkward moustaches were unavoidable at my office. My company has been an active and proud participant for the past four years; last month more than 80 participants and hundreds of contributors helped raise $38,000 as part of Acquia's "Mo Drupal" team this year.

  • Go Mobile To Shortcut Holiday Shopping  in Engage:Men on 11/21/2013

    The holidays are quickly upon us, and those who are traditionally last-minute shoppers are more likely to get caught off guard as Thanksgiving falls late into November, creating a short shopping season. You're a guy so, of course, you are a last-minute shopper. It's in the chromosomes, but we're here to help.

  • A Presence Bigger Than The TV Screen in Engage:Men on 10/10/2013

    Fall is a season of many things: football, apple picking, playoff baseball and, perhaps most exciting for some, the kick off to a new season of TV shows. An element of these shows that has grown over the past few years is the digital experience. Consumers today no longer wait for the next episode a whole week away; instead, they're engaging in a virtual conversations to keep the excitement going.

  • Getting Ready For Game Day: NFL Fan Traditions in Engage:Men on 09/12/2013

    Let the fantasy football playing and game day overeating commence! The NFL season is officially underway, letting us revisit the traditions, rituals and superstitions that we look forward to each year.

  • The Macho Mobile Experience: Blending Content With Community in Engage:Men on 08/15/2013

    Let me guess. As a man's man, you proudly take on any task that's thrown at you and absolutely nail it, without asking for help. And us guys don't like asking for help. In fact, we'd rather get lost finding our own way than listening to a GPS or by following a map. To keep up with making our lives a little easier, mobile apps are emerging that promote that stubbornness and encourage us to be a true man's man.

  • Online Experience Drives Tourney Participation At Delaware Sports Complex in Marketing: Sports on 04/26/2013

    Near the shores of Rehoboth Beach, Del., stands a premier destination for traveling youth baseball and softball teams. The 95-acre facility at Sports at the Beach features 16 fields, 30 batting cages and dormitory accommodations for visiting teams. From March to November, ball clubs from all over the East Coast descend upon its bluegrass-sod fields to participate in weekend and week-long tournaments.

  • Mobile Madness: College Basketball's Digital Experience Grows in Marketing: Sports on 03/22/2013

    Nothing brings passionate and casual sports fans together quite like March Madness. Seven rounds of sudden-death, win-or-go-home basketball hold plenty of allure for diehard basketball fans. Office pools, alma mater bragging rights, and small-school Cinderella stories add to the storyline to make the NCAA men's basketball tournament one of the preeminent events in American sports.

  • Motor Sports Drive High Performance Of Immersive Digital Experiences  in Marketing: Sports on 02/22/2013

    Perhaps no sport offers a more immersive experience for fans than motor sports. It overwhelms the five senses; from the sound and rumble of the engines to the smell of burnt rubber and high-octane racing fuel, the fan experience is wholly consuming.

  • Should 'The Digital Experience' Be Top Draft Pick For Online? in Marketing: Sports on 01/25/2013

    Marshall McLuhan's axiom - the medium is the message - has defined how Americans have experienced sports for the past century. Baseball was the sport of the transistor radio; its deliberate pacing made room for conversational story telling of America's pastime. The NFL was made for television - built around Sunday afternoon appointment viewing and breaks in the action for instant replay of big hits of gladiators on the battlefield.

  • In The Digital World, Only Winning Counts  in Marketing: Sports on 11/26/2012

    When it comes to creating the optimal Web experience, nowhere are standards higher and the audience tougher than in the world of digital sports. In the same way that sports fans demand 92-inch screens, theater-quality audio and even 3D, the digital experience needs to be state-of-the-art as well. If you don't offer the best, don't get in the game. Only winning counts.

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