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Volker Ballueder

Member since August 2008

Volker is an expert in Digital Marketing, particularly in Programmatic Marketing and Second Screen Technology. Currently working for Civolution in London; he built a highly-respected Real Time Bidding (RTB) service provider and key player in the UK market. He managed the UK and international sales, services and account management team and was instrumental in the company’s success. Volker’s early career includes search marketing and agency side roles, in which he developed digital marketing strategies for top brands.

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  • How Programmatic Can Amplify Your TV Buys by Larry Shender (Programmatic Insider on 07/14/2014)

    I understand people's concern re the viewership and direct link between TV and 2nd screen device. Yet, as Ronan pointed out nicely, the probability is key. Extending your offline audience into online and being able to later sync real cookie data against your TV viewer ship is what makes it exciting. Isn't it all about reach and increased ROI?

  • RTB Or Programmatic - What's The Difference? by Volker Ballueder (Online Media Daily Europe on 11/25/2013)

    Hello Lionel, Now that's a bit gloomy, isn't it? There are lots of people suggesting that there is a 2 bubble, or that banner advertising doesn't survive. I believe banners and videos are still there to fill the upper funnel, brand awareness and that the move to trade it programmatically makes a lot of sense. Fingers crossed!

  • RTB Or Programmatic - What's The Difference? by Volker Ballueder (Online Media Daily Europe on 11/25/2013)

    Hi Steve, couldn't agree more. Glad there are guidelines. People still get confuse about RTB vs programmatic. Thanks, Volker Hi Anni, Again, very good point. Mobile is on the rise. There is no doubt about it. Cheers, Volker

  • Shifts In Search and Display Brighten Future For Search Marketers by Roger Barnette (Inside Performance on 09/03/2010)

    Hi Roger, A very interesting article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. However, I don't believe that by this time next year the complexity of bid management, and the knowledge of media/publishers across ad exchange and RTB will be available to most agencies. In no offence but the bidding across multiple ad exchanges plus the knowledge of each individual publisher market (particularly in Europe), the use of 3rd party data etc. etc. is a little bit different, maybe even more complex than the bidding of key words. I believe we are, similar to paid search in 2001, a few years away until we can bring automated systems into agencies (DSPs) rather than relying on specialised DEM (Display Engine Marketing agencies).What do you think? Touch base when you are in London next time and we chat about it over pints. Cheers,Volker

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