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Maarten Albarda

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Global Citizen. Flying Dutchman. Dabbling in Integrated Marketing for clients anywhere they need me.

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  • Ad Frequency On Streaming TV Sucks. Let's Fix It by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 11/10/2022)

    Very much in agreement:

  • Musk's Name And Shame Strategy by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 11/07/2022)

    As I tweeted over the weekend: toilets are one of the highest "reach and frequency" places in any building. Yet toilet advertising has never really taken off...

  • Dear Elon... by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 10/28/2022)

    Thank you Marion and Ed. One can only hope...

  • Will Netflix Learn Erwin Ephron's Lesson? by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 10/14/2022)

    Hey Ed - I count myself lucky as having been in the same room as both Erwin and Prof. Jones. We invited them to Coca-Cola's global media summit. It was an enlightening experience with many common-sense lessons that were underpinned by data. I did not do Erwin justice in this post (and others have done that far better), and I know I oversimplified. But... I do remember a conversation where he said that broader reach of "new" people that were potentially in the market for your product yielded higher returns than ramming frequency down the throat of the same group over and over.The challenge for brands with a very broad appeal (i.e. Coca-Cola for instance) is that so many different people are in the market at such varying times of the day, of the week, around events, etc. that frequency does become a neccessity. Having said all of that, there is NO excuse for Chevy or IHG to schedule spots either in EVERY break in EVERY program, or multiple times back-to-back. In no world does that amount to smart planning.

  • I Am Generation Jones by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 07/26/2022)

    Yup - I am in (1961 - obviously the best "Jones" year). My first job at the agency was to unpack (literally) the IBM desktop computer as the media department of JWT was the first department to get one after finance was automated. But I also sent telex and faxes.And having worked in radio prior (and during) my agency career, I am very familiar with the splicing, the reel to reel, and the subsequent digitization. Thanks for giving us our "home", Gord!

  • Marketing Signals The End Of Times -- Or Maybe It's Just Pubic Hair by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 07/22/2022)

    The hair wars continue:

  • How My Life Changed Because Of COVID by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 07/08/2022)

    Dear Paul (and all other, angst-ridden readers and commenters): How are your friends doing? My friends are doing fine. Some got ill, others did not. Most got vaccinated, some did not. Most did not believe the anti-covid, anti-vaccine, anti-common sense hype, but some did. Have you seen them lately? I have, mostly outdoors. It has been fun. We have also traveled (Portugal, The Netherlands, St. Lucia and for work DC monthly and Austin), and connected/reconnected with family near and far. When do you plan to get out again and experience real life? Fully engaged in real life, but thank you for your concern. Have been to outdoor concerts, festivals, restaurants, beer gardens, nature hikes.  The tragedy is that Covid created a very unsettled world that has led to a dictatorial lifestyle demanded by others and reduced the failure to communicate with one another. I am so sorry to learn that you live in a country where that apparently is the norm. I assume it is China or North Korea, or possibly Russia? I am glad to see you have found a VPN solution to communicate with the rest of the world. Can we alert the CIA? Should we arrange a prisoner swap that would liberate you from your plight? Please let us know.I am proud to be an American (first generation) and proud to be in a country where there is freedom of expression. Sad to see that if my experiences and perceptions and ideas do not match yours, I am, apparently "without a shred of merit." But in response, I can only say that most of these comments appear to have not a shred of merit to me. (PS my wife has MS. So yeah... there is also the practical side of living with someone who has an auto-immune disease, meaning we have to be extra vigilant).

  • As 'The Office' Goes, What Will Go With It? by Gord Hotchkiss (Media Insider on 06/28/2022)

    What you are describing is, of course, the challenge for white collar jobs. Schools, airports, manufacturing plants, retail outlets, restaurants, gyms, etc. etc. etc. etc. will not necessarily function in a "work from home" model. And it is also interesting to note that financial service companies seem to have initially pushed for a "forced return" and were equally pushed to backtrack that approach.

  • Media Measurement: One Currency? Multiple? Does It Matter? by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 06/24/2022)

    Thanks Ed. Somehow I knew you were going to respond ;-) (and that is a good thing - your responses are always thought provoking and relevant).I very much agree with your comment on the brand managers. To be honest, most CMO's do care (I have found). Especially "when the going gets tough" like in the current environment. But... they manage the big picture (as they should). Brand managers need to get far more involved, "beyond the impressions". Let's get rid of those anyway!!

  • Data Privacy Deadly Serious Now, Says Cory Booker by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 06/27/2022)

    Very much agree it is a deadly serious topic. But to me the true political master of this domain is AOC. Her videos, her mastery of the various platforms, and her transparency across all of them stand out to me (even if I do not agree with all she says). 

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