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Maarten Albarda

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Global Citizen. Flying Dutchman. Dabbling in Integrated Marketing for clients anywhere they need me.

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  • Dear Elon -- Revisited by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 11/24/2023)

    To illustrate this story:

  • Meta Lawsuit Shines Bright Light On Painful Profits by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 10/30/2023)

    I think the profits come more from brands we don't know and should not trust... I believe most of the META profits are driven by small/local businesses and all sorts of direct sellers. Recall that many bluechip advertisers banned Facebook? That made absolutely no difference to their bottomline ( It did damage their reputation, but that repuational damage also seems to have little to no effect. In short... even if most blue chip advertisers follow their conscience and stop placing ads like they have (mostly) done on "X", it will have little to no effect.

  • Ad Frequency Overload Becomes Defining Challenge In CTV Ad World by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 10/19/2023)

    YES! If Hulu shows me one more "For Hims" ad during "Only murders in the building" I will start a petition to have those over-exposers blacklisted. Every. Damn. Break. Ozempic is another serial offender. 

  • It's Not The Time To Give In To Totalitarianism by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 10/05/2023)

    Dave: I so admire your "put my money (and my efforts) where my mouth is" approach. I have many friends in Ukraine, and have visited many times in a past life. I can only echo your words and hope that sanity and smart thinking will win over uninformed demagogy (that is being disguised as "patriotism"). Travel safe and keep us posted!

  • Is This The Worst Job In America? by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 09/18/2023)

    I have no doubt that many of these comments are true or partially true. At the same time, we use two different CVS locations, my wife has a chronic neurological disease and we have had none of the issues as described. And that is part of the problem: many of the comments are written in a flare of anger/despair and could even be annecdotaly true. However, people who go to CVS, get their prescription or flu shot as intended and then go home do not take to reddit or Google Reviews; (b) 

  • Who's Still Watching TV? by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 08/18/2023)

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. I don't think I said to write off TV, in whatever form. Consumers love TV... in whatever form. But consumers are having perhaps a bit of a reality check moment with all that they pay for, and are beginning to make choices as to what is "must have" versus "nice to have". This has real financial implications for the industry as a whole.I also know that consumers consume video across a wide spectrum of platforms, many ad supported. However, each of those touch points carry a very different value and have - I think - very different brand impact delivery implications. We know that linear (including cable) delivers less of the goods that brand marketers rely on. We also know that streamers and online platforms carry less of what marketers need, and probably deliver something that is not of comparable value to TV. But we simply do not know how to plug the delivery gaps created by the new video world, neither in reach/frequency or in brand impact.Work to do!

  • Magna: Excessive Streaming Ad Frequency Damages Purchase Intent by Laurie Sullivan (Search & Performance Insider on 07/14/2023)

    Whaaaaat? You mean to say that those endless ads for the Chevy Silverado and pretty much any of the current crop of pharmaceutical ads in fact damage the reputation of those brands? Whodathunkit!!

  • Yes, Hollywood Writers Are Luddites -- And That's A Good Thing by Kaila Colbin (Media Insider on 05/19/2023)

    I enjoy following this Hollywood writer sharing insights on the strike:

  • Why I'm Going To Kyiv by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 04/27/2023)

    Dave - I know you are very well connected but if you need a few more intro's do let me know! I wholeheartedly support and very much admire your visit.

  • Lululemon Latest To Pile On Plant-Fabric Trend by Sarah Mahoney (Marketing Daily on 04/18/2023)

    Isn't cotton a plant-based fabric?

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