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Kurt Abrahamson

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  • 'Atlantic' EIC Goldberg Sparks Outrage Over Sexist Quote in Publishing Insider on 06/10/2019

    Goldberg got into trouble while trying to explain why more women and people of color are not writing cover stories for the magazine.

  • What Marketers Can Learn From The NBA Finals in Marketing: Sports on 06/16/2017

    No industry needs to leverage real-time marketing quite like sports, an industry where unpredictable events can happen at a moment's notice. Their fans are always connected and engaged, whether they are sharing their reactions to key game moments on social media or checking on their fantasy team ranking.

  • What Brands Can Learn From Summer Blockbusters in Marketing: Entertainment on 05/12/2017

    With summer around the corner, marketers are deep into their campaigns to promote their seasonal blockbusters. These films are the signature of summer with people turning out in droves to see their next installment of their favorite franchise and remakes of old films during the warm season. With an overwhelming amount of new movies releases, how can studios distinguish themselves when communicating with audiences?

  • RTM: Thinking Beyond the 30-Second Spot in Real-Time Daily on 12/13/2013

    Social media has fundamentally changed digital advertising, and heading into 2014, real-time marketing is going to be a trend to watch. As we saw with Oreos and the Super Bowl in 2013, brands want to be part of the social conversation. When they do it authentically (and immediately), it can have a lasting impact and create buzz. For the most part, though, Oreo is the exception to the rule. Not every media manager can keep their trigger finger flexed for split-second deployment, nor should they be expected to.

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