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Tom Goodwin

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  • SVP Strategy and Innovation Havas Media
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  • SXSW 2017: The Battle for Humanity in MediaDailyNews on 03/16/2017

    SXSW has been less about breaking news or product launches and more about converging to talk about what products mean. This made SXSW 2017 the perfect place for a conversation around the most significant tech topic of our time: the very nature of technology's role in our lives.

  • Reimagining E-Commerce in Online Spin on 10/22/2015

    We may enjoy the ease of search, and find some websites rather slick, but the truth is that most e-commerce sites are little more than a content management system with nice product photography: the virtual equivalent of neon lighting and clear signage in a warehouse, a space perfected for function, but devoid of emotion, enjoyment of richness. E-commerce works well despite its design, not because of it. So here are some thoughts on how to rethink what e-commerce could become.

  • Simplicity Needed in the Internet of Things in AI & IoT Daily on 10/15/2015

    In this marketplace of complexity and paralysis that 'smart' devices, sensors, beacons, self-driving cars and the entire world of the Internet of Things enter, I worry that we're going about things wrong. When new technologies arrive we seem to embrace the newness so eagerly that everything becomes additional. We consider what new things can now be done, what new possibilities are created, what new opportunities there are to connect with people. Everything is additive.

  • What Can Brands Do With Virtual Reality As It Gets Real? in Online Spin on 10/08/2015

    Is virtual reality the next big thing? If so, what can we do about it now? More than at any other time, our industry needs to navigate a path between the profound opportunities in the world ahead and the distractions. 3D printers could change everything, as could drones, or both could line the storage units of tomorrow, resting next to unused Segways and redundant Google glasses.

  • The Death Of The News Brand in Online Spin on 09/24/2015

    If trend lines are to be drawn into the future from recent events, the death of the news brand is coming. The clock started not with the rise of the Internet, or the writing of ad-blocking code, but with the philosophy and construction of Web 2.0.

  • A Window Into The Future Of The Web  in Online Spin on 09/10/2015

    The Web is changing. It's becoming a thinner, personalized, pervasive, ambient, assistive layer that weaves into our life. So what new opportunities does this create?

  • This Is NOT A Touchscreen: Business In The Age Of Tech Disappointment in Online Spin on 08/13/2015

    Technology is unleashing itself on every aspect of our lives, progressing relentlessly to bring about more profound changes, more quickly than ever before. Ironically, as is does so, the only thing developing faster than technology is our expectations of it.

  • The Power Of Reimagination in Online Spin on 07/29/2015

    It's amazing how many things we don't question, how many critical assumptions powerfully shape the world around us that are based on muscle memory and reasons that we forget no longer exist.

  • Why The Biggest Debate In Advertising Is Irrelevant in Online Spin on 07/17/2015

    For the last five years, advertising has hosted an ever-louder and more-vicious fight: TV versus digital spend. We've seen the weekly declarations that TV is dead and the counter arguments. I'd say this is an argument that shows a distinct lack of imagination about the near future. The digitization of media has unbundled the content from the distribution mechanism. In the new world, all content becomes digital and the Internet becomes the distribution mechanism for everything - one that moves increasingly into the background. The battle between TV and digital is a false argument, between a distribution mechanism that can't be stopped, and TV content, which will always be loved. Both sides will win.

  • Your Brand's Biggest Competitor: Apathy in Online Spin on 07/02/2015

    Coming back from Cannes, some people are jealous. They see the augmented reality, the glossy case studies, the hacks and the "best ever" results. They rightly think, how is it that I've missed out? Why isn't my promoted hashtag "setting the nation alight" like my competitors'? Why was my NFC campaign a failure, while the category leader's was "game-changing"? A thought: Perhaps we should worry less about everything and focus on literally the only people that count: everybody.

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  • In Massively Fragmented TV World, Is Content Still King For Media Owners? by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 10/15/2015)

    Dave, imagine trying to explain the difference between TV and Video to a 10 year old today as they watch their TV and Phone.It would make no sense. All the expressions you use in your post are techniques of the current analogue paradigm that have no meaning in the near term future. Distribution of content is the easy part, via Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Periscope, YouTube. All that matters in the future is the quality and virality of content. How it gets to people and what weird old term we use for it becomes irrelevant. Quality content makers in the future will make more money than ever because the aggregation layer has more personal data. It's that layer where the fight will be. 

  • The Death Of The News Brand by Tom Goodwin (Online Spin on 09/24/2015)

    Yes, very strange I wrote about this niche Online thing, but I think one day it may be a big thing. I should have covered the death of Newspapers where I could have been only about the 134,452th person since 2008 to pen such a piece. My whole point is that people read, watch and listen to news more than ever before and the people that make it are not able to monetize it any more.

  • The Death Of The News Brand by Tom Goodwin (Online Spin on 09/24/2015)

    One of the greatest pleasures of being published is provoking debate and hearing feedback, I relish being challenged.  But it's hard to do much with Ad Hominem attacks and Shakespeare, it makes it look less like you disgree with me and more like you just enjoy writing. Would love to get more progressive feedback next time Nicholas, since this article has been commented on by Journalism professors, editors, publishers and more in other places, the debate would welcome your viewpoint.

  • Is Over-The-Top Over? Oculus/Netflix Deal To Bypass Screens Altogether by Gavin O'Malley (Social Media & Marketing Daily on 09/25/2015)

    I'm a bit confused by the premise since VR is a screen.  The challenge is for content owners and makers and distributors to form models for this new world, but it's not radically different, it just means finding pipes and interfaces for the future.We need to stop thinking TV, Mobile, Tablet, VR and just think internet connected screens.

  • Why Agencies Must Embrace A Millennial Mindset by Jack Skeels (MAD on 09/01/2015)

    Can we please stop all this total nonsense about Millennials.   The big difference is new technology and new behaviors and the new business environment this creates. Yes agencies need to be agile, yes ideas can come from anywhere, yes the canvas of advertising has changed and we need to embrace it in all ways.   But to ascribe this change to an imaginary group of people, who all just happen to be young, and share the same commonalities that all young people ever have since the dawn of time, is to misunderstand everything about the new realities of the world.  What happens to young people is they grow up.     What has changed is technology and general consumer behavior and the new possibilities they create. It's this that we must build our business around, not the whims of the young folk.

  • Your Brand's Biggest Competitor: Apathy by Tom Goodwin (Online Spin on 07/02/2015)

    Hi Julie, these studies are the Havas Meaningful brands study,  see

  • That Roar You Hear From Cannes Is The Sound Of Technology Talking by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 06/22/2015)

    We've been obssessing over Ad Tech taking over Cannes for about 5 years now. Even back in 2007 many/most of the largest Penthouses were taken over by tech companies, arguably it was the 2005-2007 period that saw most change.And let's keep some perspective here, we keep talking about change, making changes not so much.

  • Mobile: The Biggest Problem In Advertising by Tom Goodwin (Online Spin on 06/18/2015)

    I don't think it's that hard Ed, I think the starting point for these new canvases is looking at how people use them and how the brand can add value to people at that point. Forgetting everything that ever existed before shouldn't be too hard. 

  • Mindless Media Is The New Fast Food by Tom Goodwin (Online Spin on 04/21/2015)

    Thanks David, I agree that USA Today Style Infographics are the spawn of such behavior, but at least the crap of that age was surrounded by other stuff, that once you bought the paper, you'd read. My issue is now we flip from story to story, we get jump from mindless crap, to more mindless crap. Our attention is fought over, not our relationship.

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