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Maciej Zawadzinski

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Maciej has been involved in building advertising and marketing technology platforms for his own companies and for clients since 2007. Maciej is the CEO of Clearcode, a full-service software development house specializing in custom AdTech, MarTech, and data analytics development, and CEO of Piwik PRO, an on-premises and cloud marketing suite that provides 100% data ownership and compliance with privacy laws.

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  • Why GDPR Is Good For Online Advertising, Even Ad Tech in MAD London on 11/30/2017

    It may sound daunting, but GDPR can restore publisher power, build trust and spur innovation.

  • Can the New Advertising Currency 'Time-Spent' Change Ad Tech? in Real-Time Daily on 07/14/2016

    Engagement is at the center of a new movement in digital advertising to buy and sell online ad inventory where time is the measurement of value and price. This model is called time-spent and is measured in terms of cost-per-second (CPS) or cost-per-hour (CPH). Could this new metric change ad technology?

  • Opportunities Abound For Telcos To Jump Into Ad Tech in Real-Time Daily on 05/04/2016

    The days of making money on traditional telecommunications have quickly faded. Digital disruption and companies like Google and Apple have set telcos back on their heels, seeking ways to increase revenues through a wider range of services and business models. One big opportunity lies in ad technology, because of the unique consumer data sets telcos have-probably the richest data sets outside of those owned by Facebook and Google.

  • How Agencies Can Win The Battle Against Ad-Tech Companies in Programmatic Insider on 04/13/2015

    Ad-tech companies have created a number of game-changing technology solutions that now make it possible for brands to bypass agencies, using tech companies to run their campaigns. As you can imagine, this trend is severely disrupting the way ad agencies operate, shaking up agencies' position in the online display advertising ecosystem. So what can ad agencies do to protect themselves from becoming obsolete? Here are three steps they can take:

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