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Kelly Wenzel

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Kelly is the Chief Marketing Officer @Centro, a digital advertising software provider. As CMO, Kelly is responsible for leadership and management of all go-to-market activities, including strategy, branding and communications and multi-channel programs. Previously, as head of Marketing at Undertone, Kelly spearheaded the company's brand re-launch as well as multiple successful acquisitions, product launches and marketing campaigns, helping the company significantly grow market share and revenue. Kelly spent the first 19 years of her career at high-growth firms in the enterprise software sector. A long-time CMO and seasoned B2B marketer, Kelly is a former Stevie Award winner for Business Executive of the Year in a Computer Software and Services Company and was recognized by AWNY as Working Mother of the Year in 2014.

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  • Why Doesn't 'Bloomberg Businessweek' Cover Women? by Matt Straz (Online Spin on 07/01/2013)

    Hey Matt - not sure what prompted you to write about the disparity, but I love it! It's great to see women aren't the only ones "leaning in" and thinking about this topic. We've come a long way...but still (clearly) have so far to go ...

  • Hyperbabble Of The Day by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 06/25/2013)

    Brilliant, Tyler. You might enjoy David Meerman Scott's Gobbledygook Manifesto, if you haven't already seen it. An oldie but a goodie.

  • More On Crossing The Series-A Chasm by Matt Straz (Online Spin on 06/17/2013)

    Congrats, Matt & Namely. It's been great reading about the journey.

  • Irwin Gotlieb And The Fine Art Of Being Transparently Nontransparent by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 03/14/2013)

    You can add CLASSY right next to honest, Joe. When David Verklin quipped about why there were still seven white guys on the stage, to some sheepish laughs from both the panel and the audience, Irwin Gotlieb was the only one to go back and address the question, and discuss diversity in leadership at WPP.

  • Just An Online Minute... Most Chilled Out Event Of The Year, Pants Optional by Kelly Samardak (Just An Online Minute on 01/27/2011)

    I don't know how you manage to make a snowstorm funny, Kelly, but you did it. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Why Does Marketing Have To Be So Damned Hard? by Pat LaPointe (Metrics Insider on 01/18/2011)

    A great read, and one I'll be sharing with many. I would add that the complexity (and the challenge) is exacerbated by two other dynamics: first, that much of marketing is frankly, subjective. Which makes it easy prey for all and sundry to weigh in with opinions they expect to be actionable. Or relevant. Second, is the the number of constituents a successful marketing team is trying to serve simultaneously. Not only are we trying to "move the needle" in the market, we're trying to serve internal customers who have their own needs, demands and deadlines, like the product team and most importantly, Sales. Add it all together and not only is it a lot to do, it's a lot to try and get RIGHT.

  • Will Video Help Portals Restore Old Glory? by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (Video Insider on 11/01/2010)

    Good read. Thanks.

  • Undertone Networks Launches DirectConnect by Gavin O'Malley (Online Media Daily on 10/06/2010)

    Almost all of the holding companies have now formed centralized media trading desks. (WPP = M!G, IPG = Cadreon, Publicis = Vivaki, Havas = Adnetik). These trading desks rely heavily on technology not only to drive efficiency, but also to support the shift toward buying "audiences" rather than "inventory". The market refers to this technology as buy-side" or "demand-side" platforms (DSPs). Think of companies like Invite Media - now part of Google, Turn, x+1, etc. Sounds good, so far. Here's the challenge. All of the trading desks are using technology to tap into the same limited supply sources: exchanges like RightMedia, AdECN, Google's DoubleClick AdExchange. At the risk of stating the obvious, the exchanges are filled with a lot of remnant inventory and very little that would classify as premium. Rich media and video inventory are even more scarce, if not nonexistent. Even if the trading desks are using this technology to tap into inventory managed by the publisher yield managers, firms like AdMeld, Rubicon and Pubmatic, also known as “supply-side platforms” (SSPs) – the reality is that there are a lot of advertisers then competing for the same set of impressions. This product, Undertone DirectConnect, was developed to address this market challenge. At its simplest, DirectConnect is technology that allows the trading desks to tap into a new supply source: Undertone’s premium inventory. This product provides a direct connection (hence the name) to new, high-quality inventory – of which there is an acknowledged short supply in the exchanges. The trading desks can buy how they want to (electronically); now they can just buy higher quality. Christine, I hope this helps!

  • Marriage Is Dead -- And Publishers Are Partly To Blame by David Koretz (Publishing Insider on 10/08/2010)

    Holy wow. Nope, this has nothing to do with media and publishing, but I still found it an interesting read, even if I disagree with the premise. Marriage isn't dead, it's HARD. (As is anything else worth having.) Now, back to my regularly scheduled day, which DOES focus on advertising & media. :)

  • You're Not That Interesting by David Koretz (Publishing Insider on 09/09/2010)

    David, really loved this article. Very thought provoking. I also like Randy's comments about the value of the recorded material declining. One can only HOPE that Nettie proves true and the narcissistic content recedes. The compulsion to let everyone know everything we are doing is out of control. For me, I would trace it back to MTV Real World. And then Road Rules. I'm sure there are earlier examples of reality TV, but these are the first ones that made my radar (dating myself!) and had me investing time watching and listening to complete strangers, as if their trials and tribulations matter. It's spawned this perception that everyone has the right? the potential? to a star, to be heard, to broadcast and record every little moment.

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