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Sherry Smith

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Sherry Smith specializes in developing and leading strategic communications programs for technology companies, with a focus on those developing innovative digital media and marketing solutions. Throughout her career, she has represented both established and startup companies such as Wochit, Samsung, TuneCore, Emailvision, Dailymotion, Eventbrite and LotLinx, conducting campaigns comprising media, analyst and influencer relations as well as speaker’s bureau and award programs. Prior to joining Clarity PR, Ms. Smith worked with agencies including MWW, Ballou PR and Nadine Johnson. She holds a master’s degree in business communication from École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées (ESLSCA) International Graduate School of Business in Paris, France (Summa Cum Laude).

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  • Understanding The Mobile Native Population: Out Of The Mouths of Gen Z in Engage:Teens on 05/04/2017

    We in the marketing world commonly refer to teens as "digital natives," the generation that has never known life without the internet. And I'm not talking access like we had in the early dot-com days, which, like running water, required you seek it out and perform some sort of action to turn it on. For Gen Z, it's more akin to the very air they breathe, available everywhere and essential to their functioning.

  • Boomers Or Bust This Holiday Season in Engage:Boomers on 11/21/2016

    While store decor turned to yuletide twinkle before the candy corn was totally off the shelves, this week is when the holiday shopping season kicks in. According to projections, it will be a big one, too. The National Retail Federation expects November and December retail sales to hit $655.8 billion, a 3.6% increase from 2015.

  • Boomers Defy Stereotypes, Especially When It Comes To Tech in Engage:Boomers on 09/19/2016

    Of the many misconceptions about baby boomers, perhaps the one most perilous to marketers today is that those in the demographic aren't tech savvy. In fact, according to a 2016 Boston Consulting Group survey, boomers' top 20 favorite brands include Amazon, Apple, Dell, HP, LG, Samsung and Sony - all tech-related, and together more than a third of the list.

  • The 'Me Generation' Is Still The Most Valuable Generation in Engage:Boomers on 07/18/2016

    The marketing landscape today bares little similarity to that of the 1970s, yet, through the dawn of digital and proliferation of new channels, one element has remained consistent: the focus on consumers between ages 18 and 49.

  • Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line in Engage:Boomers on 05/16/2016

    It seems like every day brings a new article with dos and don'ts for marketing to Millennials. I get it - it's a big demographic which, collectively, wields great buying power that will grow as they pay off their student loans and settle into careers. For many brands, the focus on establishing relationships with these consumers is driven by the goal of maintaining their loyalty in the future. As a strategy, it makes total sense, unless your youth-driven approach winds up alienating a customer segment whose discretionary budgets are sizable in the here and now: Baby Boomers.

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  • Recreating The Impulse Buy Online by Glenn Geller (Marketing Insider on 12/02/2019)

    The website from which I buy my pet supplies does the old school route and it totally works. Basically, when I'm just about done checking out, they show me a handful of easily-added on, usually-discounted items like treats or single cans of food. I estimate they get about $3 extra from me on average per shopping trip. Not a ton, but it adds up for sure.

  • Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line by Sherry Smith (Engage:Boomers on 05/16/2016)

    Peter - here's an article that pretty clearly discusses the rhyme and reason around the division of generations:

  • Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line by Sherry Smith (Engage:Boomers on 05/16/2016)

    As 72-year-old “father of the Internet” Vint Cerf has been credited with saying about his peer group: “We aren’t scared of technology. We invented it!”

  • Misconceptions About Boomers May Impact Your Bottom Line by Sherry Smith (Engage:Boomers on 05/16/2016)

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. The point of this post on the "Engage: Boomers" blog is not to incite any inter-generational angst. I am simply pointing out that boomers are being ignored by advertisers/marketers, which can alienate them and drive away potential customers. You are correct that there won't be any new boomers, but the idea that they won't be getting richer isn't necessarily so: The Nielsen report I mentioned projects that they will inherit an additional $13 trillion in the next 20 years. I hope you will stay tuned for my next post, which will talk specifically about industries projected to benefit from boomer spending in the coming years.

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