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Sarah Fay

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  • Cybersecurity: A Marketer's Problem? in AI Insider on 11/30/2017

    Because my day job is investing in artificial intelligence, I end up thinking a lot about cybersecurity, which is the largest category of AI solutions. Reflecting on the most recent high-profile corporate hack, where Uber revealed a breach exposing data from 57 million users and drivers, I found myself wondering how many brand marketers felt a chill.

  • AI Seconds That Emotion in AI Insider on 10/26/2017

    Multiple studies have shown that advertising geared toward stimulating an emotional response is significantly more effective than value-driven advertising. Brand marketers and agencies are using AI technology to measure the emotional effectiveness of their creative.

  • Esther Dyson Talks About AI, Real-World Issues in AI Insider on 10/12/2017

    When a friend introduced me to Esther Dyson -- technology thought leader and investor -- I jumped at the chance to ask about her ideas on AI.

  • Now You See It -- With AI in AI Insider on 09/14/2017

    It seems to me the science of AI (technology that artificially replicates the way the human brain perceives, reacts and learns) is regularly underappreciated. We naturally take for granted the human brain's ability to perform simple tasks such as listening and understanding, or seeing and identifying -- but these brain functions have evolved over millions of years to become refined and automatic. What's required for a computer to mimic these capabilities shouldn't be underestimated.

  • Study Says AI Is Already Creating Winners And Losers in AI Insider on 08/17/2017

    When it comes to discussing AI technology in marketing, there's a lot of hype. Marketers appear to be in violent agreement that solutions powered by AI will be cranking ROI through personalized customer experiences, better understanding of customer behavior, management of real-time interactions across channels, etc. -but where are we really on the path to cashing in on these promises?

  • Esther Dyson Talks About AI, Real-World Issues in AI Insider on 07/20/2017

    When a friend introduced me to Esther Dyson -- technology thought leader and investor -- I jumped at the chance to ask about her ideas on AI.

  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram in AI Insider on 07/07/2017

    I first met Amy Ingram through an email she sent to arrange a meeting with the CEO of a New York AI company. My exchanges with her were peppered with phrases like "I'm sorry," "Have a nice weekend," "Thank you." I had no idea Amy Ingram was a bot.

  • AI Puts Data In Driver's Seat in AI Insider on 06/15/2017

    The days of advertising campaigns founded primarily on big creative ideas appear to be dwindling, and data is stepping up to play more of a leading role. A recent Forrester report written by Joe Stanhope, "AI Must Master the Basics Before It Can Transform Marketing," points to numerous ways we can expect content and creative to be more closely tied to data strategies in order to achieve "efficiency, smarter decisions, speed, continuous performance improvement, and customer journey optimization." In a conversation about the study, Stanhope said Forrester clients are asking for more ways to create content personalization, and AI tools provide a path for doing this at scale.

  • What's Your Sci-Fi Future? in AI Insider on 05/04/2017

    Perhaps, like me, you're amazed and also find it ironic that some iconic science fiction stories are coming true. The Jetson's original video chat, for instance, is now part of everyday life.

  • AI: The Elephant In The Room in AI Insider on 03/30/2017

    Earlier this month, I co-moderated a roundtable with about a dozen prominent marketers and influencers from the Bay Area to discuss how AI is fitting into their plans. While AI is still in the early stages of deployment for most of these marketers, it is high on their agendas, and they are actively figuring out their next steps.

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  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 07/07/2017)

    Maarten, you are absolutely right.  I wrote this column a while ago and came to realize Amy's limitations - I have had similar incidents.  Amy works best when there are predictable parameters to your schedule, meeting places and modes of communication, but it is difficult to deviate or communicate changes through her.  As such, I default to Amy for some meetings, but do it the old fashioned way when it's important, or involves nuances that need to be worked out with the other party.  Still for $40 / month the convenience of not needing to go back and forth for many meetings is worth it, yes?

  • AI Puts Data In Driver's Seat by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 06/15/2017)

    Thanks for these thoughtful comments, Henry.  You are certainly right that Cambridge Analytica (and any tech platform) could never have won these campaigns alone.  You can make the case that the Trump campaign also had the big idea that the data and targeting strategy supported.  But it does tell the tale of data's increased importance in the mix.  As to the many segments and messaging strategies that AI helps to create, remember that this is still a scale play - AI has the ability to surface and exploit the many narrower targets in a way that has not been previously possible.  I think my article might make it sound as though I no longer believe in the big idea, which is not the case - I believe that a unifying message can give credibility and meaning to a brand at the same time micro segments are leveraged with more personalized and relevant messages that convey value to the individual - and data driven creative will play an increasingly important role in doing this.  Perhaps in another post I will go deeper into how these things exist together...

  • AI: The Elephant In The Room by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 03/30/2017)

    Thank you David!  And Paula, yes another breed of elephant altogether...

  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 12/15/2016)

    Thanks for the introduction to Amy, Craig!  And Leonard, hope you like her :)

  • Beware Of The Friendly, But Be Warier Of The Mean by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 10/08/2012)

    Thanks Bob, you are still making me laugh!

  • Behind-The-Scenes With Celtra At OMMA Mobile by Joe Mandese (Show Daily on 06/07/2011)

    Thanks for posting this Joe! Yes, Celtra is a solid outfit - the most versatile and easy to use platform for creating, distributing and measuring mobile rich media: I find this company to be exciting as brands can put much of the same functionality of a mobile app into the consumer's hands, without the expensive cost of development and ad units can be created in just hours...check it out: The team said they had a great day - thanks again! Sarah

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