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Sarah Fay

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  • What's Your Sci-Fi Future? in AI Insider on 05/04/2017

    Perhaps, like me, you're amazed and also find it ironic that some iconic science fiction stories are coming true. The Jetson's original video chat, for instance, is now part of everyday life.

  • AI: The Elephant In The Room in AI Insider on 03/30/2017

    Earlier this month, I co-moderated a roundtable with about a dozen prominent marketers and influencers from the Bay Area to discuss how AI is fitting into their plans. While AI is still in the early stages of deployment for most of these marketers, it is high on their agendas, and they are actively figuring out their next steps.

  • Burning Questions: Conversations With Customers in AI Insider on 02/24/2017

    For brand marketers looking for ways to engage more deeply with customers, conversational marketing is near the top of the list of options to consider. There are a number of AI-based technologies that make natural language interactions at scale possible without adding bodies to the equation.

  • New Study Puts AI In The Fast Lane in AI Insider on 01/18/2017

    If you doubt artificial intelligence is bringing a tsunami of change to a wide array of industries, business functions, and consumer experiences, this piece of intelligence should set you straight: "Amplifying Human Potential Towards Purposeful Artificial Intelligence" was released by the global technology services and consulting firm Infosys this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The report points to a high level of activity in large global organizations to adopt and implement AI technologies. There are implications for marketers that should get your competitive juices flowing.

  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram in AI Insider on 12/15/2016

    I first met Amy Ingram through an email she sent to arrange a meeting with the CEO of a New York AI company. My exchanges with her were peppered with phrases like "I'm sorry," "Have a nice weekend," "Thank you." I had no idea Amy Ingram was a bot.

  • China's Messaging Economy: We Are the Followers in AI Insider on 11/22/2016

    The use of chatbots is in an early stage of marketing experimentation. Some brands are just starting to dip their toes in the water, while others are merely eyeing the water's edge.

  • Creative AI: The Next Mother Lode Of ROI in AI Insider on 10/28/2016

    There's no arguing that programmatic audience targeting has resulted in chunky returns for advertisers and agencies across the industry. And there's another jump in results when AI is part of the programmatic technology used.

  • What Exactly Do You Mean By AI? in AI Insider on 08/16/2016

    It happened again when I was on the phone with an emerging technology analyst. He asked, "When you say AI, what exactly do you mean?" AI is a term that is bandied about without strict adherence to one meaning.

  • The AI And Machine Learning Revolution Is Upon Us  in AI Insider on 07/20/2016

    Not long ago, I sat in the audience of the FutureM conference in Boston listening to Tim Berners-Lee talk about all that has come to pass from his original efforts in establishing the World Wide Web, and all that is to come with AI and machine learning. One of the most interesting questions posed was, "How will we look back at this moment in time when it comes to how technology has impacted our lives?" He answered that, of course, we would think of this as a time when technology had progressed very quickly, and we had discovered many things that made our lives more convenient. But in the future, he said, we will look back on "a feeling of being handcuffed to our devices."

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