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Sarah Fay

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  • What The Universal Guidelines For AI Mean for Marketers in AI Insider on 11/29/2018

    The guidelines include a set of principles that developers and users of AI must consider in order to avoid the violation of human rights.

  • To Automate -- Or Not To Be? in AI Insider on 08/30/2018

    There are a number of obstacles to converting manual work to automated -- mostly related to human reservations.

  • Trained Data: The New Oil in AI Insider on 07/19/2018

    Data is often referred to as the "oil" for AI. Used correctly, it can help deliver the most relevant consumer experience in a nanosecond. And seconds saved can often result in significant revenues gained. The algorithms that deliver these experiences require not just data, but trained data, and refining data involves time and investment.

  • Video Worries AI Can Fix in AI Insider on 06/14/2018

    Given the vast volume and splintered fragmentation of video inventory, it makes sense that AI technologies will be used to sift through mountains of content to identify the appropriate contextual placements for brands, Understanding context, after all, is one of the things AI is good at. By tapping into deep learning technologies, advertisers can target the categories of video content that make sense for their brands, and then optimize toward video content that resonates with their customers.

  • More Complexity Is A Good Thing -- Really in AI Insider on 05/03/2018

    Have you ever set out to add complexity to a problem or project? Probably not. In the history of business, the typical goal is to simplify, focus in, and define problems and solutions to be grasped and broken down into digestible pieces. However, some believe the increased pace of change is calling for deeper dives in shaping new solutions.

  • Terms Of Abuse in AI Insider on 03/29/2018

    Seemingly no one ever reads user terms of service, which are practically impossible to get through -- typically, mini novellas in four-point type using difficult-to-understand legalese. In his book "Future Crimes," Marc Goodman quips that these contracts should be more aptly called "terms of abuse," as they specifically tell the user how their data will be owned and used in myriad ways to the benefit of the company, and sometimes the detriment of the user.

  • Now You See It -- With AI in AI Insider on 02/22/2018

    It seems to me the science of AI (technology that artificially replicates the way the human brain perceives, reacts and learns) is regularly underappreciated. We naturally take for granted the human brain's ability to perform simple tasks such as listening and understanding, or seeing and identifying -- but these brain functions have evolved over millions of years to become refined and automatic. What's required for a computer to mimic these capabilities shouldn't be underestimated.

  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save Troubled Lives in AI Insider on 01/18/2018

    As an investor in AI, I'm sensitive to the narrative that technology is subtracting humanity from our interactions. As the story goes, we've become so efficient at delivering exactly the content that appeals to predisposed biases, that everyone burrows more deeply into their digital worlds and connects less with each other in person. This results in developing deeper relationships with devices than fellow human beings, which can lead to increased isolation and loneliness. There's some truth to this idea. But a new use of technology is now serving as a lifeline to catch people before they slip beneath the surface.

  • Cybersecurity: A Marketer's Problem? in AI Insider on 11/30/2017

    Because my day job is investing in artificial intelligence, I end up thinking a lot about cybersecurity, which is the largest category of AI solutions. Reflecting on the most recent high-profile corporate hack, where Uber revealed a breach exposing data from 57 million users and drivers, I found myself wondering how many brand marketers felt a chill.

  • AI Seconds That Emotion in AI Insider on 10/26/2017

    Multiple studies have shown that advertising geared toward stimulating an emotional response is significantly more effective than value-driven advertising. Brand marketers and agencies are using AI technology to measure the emotional effectiveness of their creative.

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  • The Durham: We Will Miss You by Cory Treffiletti (Media Insider on 11/24/2021)

    John was loved by so many of us, Cory, but you were very much his mainstay and I am particularly sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful tribute. Thank you xo

  • Media 'Planning'? Really? by Dave Edelman (Marketing Daily on 12/01/2020)

    One hundred percent, David.  The use of AI to synthesize data inputs and make media financial decisions in real time takes the guesswork out, eliminates days and weeks of manual work, and frees the "Media Portfolio Manager" to focus on the strategy and plan activation.  To Dan's point, there is a mismatch of time spent directing the budget vs. ensuring that the right creative meshes with the media choices and builds on the brand strategy. Smart teams will automate to solve for complexity and apply creativity so their media + creative = high impact.

  • Trained Data: The New Oil by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 07/19/2018)

    I really appreciate the feedback, Mark, and glad to have sparked a conversation.  It sounds like you are helping to solve the problem of generating more trained data which is a good thing. 

  • To Automate -- Or Not To Be? by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 08/30/2018)

    Thank you for these comments, Robert.  Very astute - You are right that we will at some point consider any manual gathering of data and guestimating outcomes to be an antiquated and inefficient way of working.  But, like you,  I believe there will always be a role for creativity and strategic thinking.  I like your examples and I'm also thinking of the movie, "Hidden Figures" when the mathemeticians of NASA were called Computers.  Today, we have no less of a need for mathemeticians - they are just using computers (as we know them) to a much greater effect.And I know very well that you and Xmedia are already on board the AI train and going down the track!

  • Terms Of Abuse by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 03/29/2018)

    Andrew, yes to meaningful disclosure, and possibly incentives to sharing more data...

  • Terms Of Abuse by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 03/29/2018)

    Henry, thanks for these great observations.  Yes, I believe the election is at the heart of the uproar, which I might have explored in more detail if these articles were meant to be longer.  To me, "fake news" is a bigger violation of trust than misuse of data (although it is all tied together.)  And you are right that CA just offers an example of how all this data can be applied.  There are MANY more platforms poised to do similar things.As for the LinkedIn example, I agree with you there as well.  You and I are obviously still on LinkedIn despite the fact we know their terms, so the trade off must be okay with us.  We might think twice before sharing a document we wanted to maintain exclusive rights to though.  So awareness of what we have signed may play a role in our behavior.  Going forward, people may think more about their actions and how data collection is affected, and perhaps what they might get in return.

  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 07/07/2017)

    Maarten, you are absolutely right.  I wrote this column a while ago and came to realize Amy's limitations - I have had similar incidents.  Amy works best when there are predictable parameters to your schedule, meeting places and modes of communication, but it is difficult to deviate or communicate changes through her.  As such, I default to Amy for some meetings, but do it the old fashioned way when it's important, or involves nuances that need to be worked out with the other party.  Still for $40 / month the convenience of not needing to go back and forth for many meetings is worth it, yes?

  • AI Puts Data In Driver's Seat by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 06/15/2017)

    Thanks for these thoughtful comments, Henry.  You are certainly right that Cambridge Analytica (and any tech platform) could never have won these campaigns alone.  You can make the case that the Trump campaign also had the big idea that the data and targeting strategy supported.  But it does tell the tale of data's increased importance in the mix.  As to the many segments and messaging strategies that AI helps to create, remember that this is still a scale play - AI has the ability to surface and exploit the many narrower targets in a way that has not been previously possible.  I think my article might make it sound as though I no longer believe in the big idea, which is not the case - I believe that a unifying message can give credibility and meaning to a brand at the same time micro segments are leveraged with more personalized and relevant messages that convey value to the individual - and data driven creative will play an increasingly important role in doing this.  Perhaps in another post I will go deeper into how these things exist together...

  • AI: The Elephant In The Room by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 03/30/2017)

    Thank you David!  And Paula, yes another breed of elephant altogether...

  • The Magic Of AI -- And Amy Ingram by Sarah Fay (AI Insider on 12/15/2016)

    Thanks for the introduction to Amy, Craig!  And Leonard, hope you like her :)

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