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Elizabeth Elfenbein

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Elizabeth is an award-winning creative marketer with experience spanning consumer packaged goods, financial services, health and wellness, media, technology, and travel. Her work on some of the largest brands has won hundreds of awards and translated strategic insights into real-world business results.

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  • Big Tech: Opportunity Is Knocking On The Adherence Door in Marketing Insider on 07/25/2018

    Taking medicine is part of most adults' daily routine. In fact, nearly three of five American adults take at least one medication a day, and the number of patients taking five or more prescription medications has more than doubled in the past decade. But for many patients, taking their medicine as their healthcare provider prescribes is a real issue. And about half of patients with chronic diseases don't take their medication properly.

  • Technology Companies And 'Treatment' in Marketing Insider on 06/21/2018

    The world of healthcare has changed profoundly. With technology and media companies disrupting every stage of the patient's health journey, the paradigm of care has finally shifted.

  • Tech: Disrupting Diagnosis in Marketing Insider on 06/07/2018

    Historically, diagnosing a disease was a human's job-the physician's. Today, it's become a hybrid of man plus machine. And while it sounds rather cold and lacking empathy, one has to argue that where the world of diagnosis is going, it's a matter of necessity. With more and more rare diseases and rare forms of cancer emerging, the journey to diagnosis is never smooth.

  • Big Tech: An Ounce Of Disruption in Marketing Insider on 05/29/2018

    Times they are a-changing in healthcare. The system is incented to help prevent illness and maintain health for economic reasons, yet hospitals and pharma don't make money on prevention. This necessitates a paradigm shift. Enter consumer technology giants who have infrastructures to build on, with the potential to fill many unmet needs in the health landscape. There's endless potential to change the broken healthcare system before there's even a diagnosis, by driving healthier behaviors with prevention.

  • Empathy Inside: Humanized Devices For The Customer in Marketing Insider on 04/02/2018

    Not all devices are created equal. But the devices that stand out are the ones that not only solve a real customer challenge like compliance, but also are customer-centric. They feel the plight of their consumer and create an experience that makes the customer feel understood and heard. When designed well with humanization in mind, health tech and devices have the power to meaningfully change and upend behavior because they get how to motivate their end user. And that's because the devices were created with empathy.

  • Content That Understands The Health Context in Marketing Insider on 02/26/2018

    You know the saying, "Control the things that you can control...." Well, we live in a time where we can truly control what, where, and how we communicate, and even more importantly, as it pertains to your health.

  • The Feeling Machine in Marketing Insider on 02/14/2018

    Create customer experiences with empathy.

  • Data That Feels The Customer in Marketing Insider on 01/26/2018

    Data is more than just numbers. Data gives us insight into our customers's minds and their everyday behavior. In healthcare, data is being used to predict and prevent, cure disease, and improve patient quality of life. The more we use data to learn about and understand our customers, the more we can design meaningful customer experiences that drive engagement.

  • Empathy By Design in Marketing Insider on 01/15/2018

    Ideas that understand their customer.

  • 2018: The Power Of Empathy in Marketing Insider on 12/29/2017

    If you felt like brands were getting to know you better in 2017, imagine living in a world where being understood was the most valued expectation from a brand. In other words, creating the ultimate customer experience, one that understands you, the consumer. In 2018, empathy will be at the core of an ecosystem that supports the customer experience.

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  • 2018: The Power Of Empathy by Elizabeth H. Elfenbein (Marketing Insider on 12/29/2017)

    Paula-- Scary is when you don't embrace change. If we leverage empathy as a filter to help create then maybe just maybe we won't lose sight of humanity in this context.

  • Why Caregivers Flock To Facebook by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 09/04/2015)

    Hi Paula Lynn. You are very negative on FB,                                                                               but it's where caregivers want to comment and are commenting. you need to respect that. and be where they want to be and be relevant. it's working.I'd love some positive feedback.

  • Caregivers Finally Get To Speak Up by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 07/02/2015)

    Hi Robert Payne.Caregiving will touch all of us at some point.Please visit the site, watch the documentary and share your story.And thanks for commenting!Best, Elizabeth

  • If You Care, Give Some Attention To This New Social Platform by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/19/2015)

    Thank you Joe. It was an amazing panel... a teary audience who seem not only engaged but activated and impassioned to do something about it.

  • The Forewearable Future by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 03/25/2014)

    Thanks Miriam for your feedback. Definitely think that anyway we can help keep closer track and ensure people are demonstrating healthier behavior would be positive. Wearables can play the enabler role in that. The thought of keeping our healthcare providers (Doctors, Nurses, etc) more tightly in the loop with their patient will only help to manage and drive the healthier outcomes.

  • Wearable Health by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 01/28/2014)

    Thanks Heather. No surprises. I ask how we can make trchnology even more seamless for these people.

  • I Am Not A Number; I Am A Patient by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 07/23/2013)

    Thank you all for your warm responses and comments and more importantly for your insight because of the experiences that you've had that has provided you with a special lens. In October we will be launching a blog to create a platform for patients to share their health stories both bad and good. The hope is to create a different kind of patient community. If any of you would like to share your health story please email me directly at and let's talk. Thanks again!

  • I Am Not A Number; I Am A Patient by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 07/23/2013)

    Thank you Grant. I am aware of I didn't think to go there when I initially searched for information. I see there is some great material worth reading. What I will say is now that I know what my diagnosis is and my treatment plan I almost want to go back to living and not be reminded that I have a condition.

  • I Am Not A Number; I Am A Patient by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 07/23/2013)

    Jim- I went back to my internist for my second opinion and left Cornell to go to endocrinologist from NYU. My new Doctor wasn't just science smart she was incredibly kind and compassionate.

  • I Am Not A Number; I Am A Patient by Elizabeth Elfenbein (Marketing: Health on 07/23/2013)

    Casey I couldn't agree more with the need for empowerment. But the way I see it is that we need to engage and this engagement drives the empowerment. I guess one could ask which came first the engagement or the empowerment. I do think they are mutually inclusive.

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