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Denise Kohnke

Member since December 2018Contact Denise

  • CEO House United
  • Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • 53202 USA

Denise Kohnke, author of All of the Other Marketing Books Are Crap (, is founder and CEO of the marketing firm House United LLC. ( Her book is packed with astute advice delivered with edgy, sharp-witted humor. Kohnke has directed brand development for more than 100 organizations in her 25-plus years in advertising and marketing. She was the strategist behind the 2012 Effie award-winning campaign "No One Deserves To Die" for Lung Cancer Alliance.

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  • Non-Inclusive Ad Testing: Real Culprit Behind Tone-Deaf Ads by Mario Carrasco (Marketing Insider on 01/13/2020)

    NICELY SPOKEN.  I am an old white marketer who works closely with people of culture (of which there are many, inclusive of many who are white that live below the poverty line). As soon as you truly transition to the "get" and feel what they feel as a strategist/planner, it is HORRIFYING to be assaluted with both today's rational and emotional expressions. It is in no small measure why we are divided and distant to each other as a country. Another example of simple cost containment gone chillingly bad.

  • How To Answer Stupidest Question In The World: 'What's The ROI On This?' by Denise Kohnke (Marketing Insider on 12/04/2018)

    Ha. I purposefully have been off the grid, hoping people would scream my name in the streets instead. But because of you, OK, maybe not just you, today, this afternoon, you can find me on Twitter. For the record, Twitter will be my downfall. A dark abyss of "I can't believe she said that." Thanks, in advance, for the shoutout. 

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