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  • Spotify Brand Playlists: Sweet Music to Millennial-Seeking Ears in The MediaPost Cases on 10/06/2021

    What do you do if your company is being described as "stodgy" by Millennials? How do you attract a younger audience without alienating your Gen X and successful Boomer clients? That's what Windermere Real Estate was facing. With a nearly 50 year legacy and flashy brands like Zillow and Redfin invading their space, Windermere needed to step up their game. Easier said than done when your budget is limited, and you're up against VC-backed and publicly traded companies with plenty of money to spend. So they needed to get creative and find a space where they could stand out. That space was Spotify. The music platform, a favorite among Millennials, gave Windermere the space to create their own branded station with home-themed playlists that could appeal to all generations. Spotify also provided branded QR codes to directly engage consumers with Windermere's station in an off-line environment, i.e. OOH, business cards and TV ads. Since launching their branded station, Windermere has earned more than 100K monthly active users and seen an 18% increase in direct traffic to their website. Spotify now plays an integral role in Windermere's media strategy.

  • Bold & Empathetic: Prerequisites of Adore Me's Entrepreneurial CMO in MediaPost Connect on 09/30/2021

    "I've always been part risk taker, a bit actually, never felt it was crazy until you know years later, and I look back, and I'm like oh my God" It's that bold mindset that had Chloe Chanudet studying abroad in Brazil at 19, interning in China after college and joining a 10-employee, lingerie start-up, who's goal was "to go after Victoria Secret!" In this episode of Insider Summit: BTS, the AdoreMe CMO talks about what motivated these choices and continues to drive her today. She also talks fashion inclusivity, food blogging and what she really wants for Valentine's Day.

  • Bonobos CEO: Leading with Instinct & Positivity in MediaPost Connect on 09/22/2021

    "I was told by someone I was working with that I had to leave a little bit of Micky at the door." That bit was her emotions, something Bonobos' CEO, Micky Onvural, eventually realized was truly bad advice and credits bringing her "full self" to work as a driving force for her success. Micky talks about why we should embrace our warts, recommends disrupting yourself before someone else does, and even admits to a dual personality at work...we considered calling her Maria.

  • Don't Conform, Disrupt & Be Yourself: Advice From TomboyX's Newest CEO in MediaPost Connect on 09/16/2021

    "If you're trying to fit in then you're not yourself, you're trying to be somebody else or somebody else's perception of you, and that's not what being human is for me." Leslie Garrard is TomboyX's brand new CEO, and as excited as she obviously is, she seems to be taking her new high profile role all in stride. Leslie talks about risks worth taking, leadership- both personally and professionally- and why "a group of diverse people solving a business problem will far exceed a bunch of Harvard MBAs"...she went to Stanford!

  • Hallmark's VP: When You Care Enough to Do the Very Best in MediaPost Connect on 09/08/2021

    "When you push and do it and try something new, great things can happen." It's that adventurous spirit that Alexis Kerr says led her to her most recent "great thing"- - becoming vice president of the Mahogany Brand at Hallmark Cards.

  • Just Say YES: Motto Of A Conquering Marketer in MediaPost Connect on 09/02/2021

    "My path has not been linear at all, but I think the part that has been the enabler behind that is really just the willingness to say yes." To say yes to opportunities that Gayitri Budhraja, e.l.f. Cosmetic's Vice President of Brand, didn't always recognize in herself but fortunately her bosses did. Something she continues to pay forward with her team at e.l.f.. A team that launched one of the most successful brand TikTok campaigns ever- - hitting 1 billion views in a mere six days!

  • High Marks for Grammarly's Production-Free Ad Campaign in The MediaPost Cases on 08/31/2021

    What do you do when a client asks you to produce a video campaign when production is completely shut down? You get creative! When Grammarly approached Stink Studios during the height of the pandemic to create a new brand awareness campaign, that's exactly what they did. How do you produce a video ad campaign without actors, without locations and without crews? The answer: stock footage. But not just any stock video. It needed to be quality, high-resolution footage. By working backwards- beginning with the footage, then character development, then script- Grammarly was able to achieve an entirely production-free campaign. The process proved more cost-effective, flexible, and turned around faster than traditional live action shoots.

  • Pushing The Boundaries: Staying Ahead In An Unpredictable Digital World in MediaPost Connect on 08/25/2021

    "You can't always have all your eggs in one basket." That proved to be a good rule of thumb for Sonia Anand, MAC Cosmetics' executive director and director of global innovation & omni channel experience. When first starting out, the marketing exec was on track for a career in finance until the recession imposed a change of plans. Undaunted, she set her sights on retail and never looked back. In this edition of Insider Summit: BTS, Sonia talks about her "plan B" pivot, the pride she feels working at a company that offers diverse make-up shades that match her skin and her ongoing love for...

  • Taking Risks: Adventures of an Entrepreneurial Spirit in MediaPost Connect on 08/19/2021

    "Traveling a lot over the years has really helped shape my perspective." Visible Wireless' head of brand marketing, Pearl Servat, credits her experiences with different cultures and people for giving her the courage and resilience to adapt and set her own path. In this edition of Insider Summit: BTS, Pearl talks with Lisa about those extensive travels, her decision to leave a successful career in Hollywood and the genuine fear she felt when taking the biggest risk of her life!

  • Breaking the Mold: Jackson Hewitt's Newest Marketing VP in MediaPost Connect on 08/11/2021

    "You know, you're never going to get a job." Jackson Hewitt's VP of Integrated Marketing & Creative, Suzanne Darmory, was told that right out of college by an art director, but instead of writing her off, he helped her. An act of kindness Suzanne continues to pay forward. Suzanne shares the incredible impact mentors have had on her career and her passion to do the same. She tells us why getting fired, not once but twice, was actually a good thing...

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