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  • Taking The Plunge With My/Mochi's New CMO in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 03/16/2023

    "I do as much as I can as a mother, and as a wife, and as a daughter that I can wherever I am, but I'm also an individual, and so you have to protect your psyche that way." My/Mochi's CMO, Brigette Wolf, isn't immune to the "mom guilt" many working mother's feel but realizes she can't let it consume her. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, she talks with me about finding work/life balance and accepting that there will be different things that are going to be more important at certain points in your life, and that's okay. She also shares her "seismic" career change and how she was able to make the transition so seamlessly. You'll never guess her job pre-marketing!

  • Diversity & Inclusivity- How This Kellogg Exec Starts Every Morning Special in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/22/2023

    I've been able to really see the world and end up in some cool environments, but in navigating those different industries, definitely learning the the challenges, and the hard truths as well, of what it's like to be able to progress as a young black woman in in those different spaces. Those different spaces are media, tech and now CPG, but Chelsea Jenkins has no regrets- challenges and all- because it landed her where she is today, the director of cultural & inclusive marketing at Kellogg. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Chelsea talks with me about why we all need to use our voice and speak up when we see things aren't right; whether it's for ourself or on behalf of many. She also shares her daily affirmations, why she sometimes needs to just let go, and how she takes her pizza...with pasta on the side please!

  • Super League CEO's Superpower- Versatility in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/16/2023

    "There were moments where I thought, man, what am I doing? This does look zig-zagish. Have I just made a mess of my CV?" Early on Ann Hand didn't want to over manage her career, instead choosing to draw outside the lines by taking on different career opportunities and challenges. Something Super League's chairman & ceo once found herself apologizing for, but no more. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Ann reveals it's what gave her her true talent- versatility. She also talks about her first job out of college running a gas station and her weekly obsession with the NY Times Sunday Crossword. Guess how long it takes her?!

  • Why Pushing The Envelope Is This General Mills Exec's Lucky Charm in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/08/2023

    "It's a tough decision to make, to really put yourself first, and this probably wouldn't have happened, if cancer wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have done this...but it's funny how things work, right? You end up where you're supposed to be." And that where for Tiffany Carver is General Mills' enterprise lead of global marketing data strategy, a position she believed was "completely outside her wheelhouse." But after experiencing such a life changing event, she realized she could do anything if she tried. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Tiffany talks about her new found confidence, reevaluating her priorities, and her short-lived career as a pop star...look out Britney Spears!

  • No Apologies Necessary For This Kimberly-Clark Exec in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/01/2023

    "I feel like sometimes as a female in the industry I have found myself apologizing for that or feeling bad that I got something over somebody else, instead of feeling pride in the fact that I had earned it." The "that" Stacie Medley is referring to, is her success, something women in the workplace frequently find themselves doing more than their male counterparts. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, the director of U.S. media at Kimberly-Clark shares her struggle to overcome that and how she's now trying to help others starting out do the same. Stacie also talks about the pivotal moment in her career when she had to put her "big girl pants on" -- great advice from Dad,-- and her real inspiration for pursuing advertising...Melrose Place!

  • Em-Power Your Self With This Ocean Spray Director in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 01/24/2023

    "The hardest thing that I've had to just learn and continue to grow to build my career is being an advocate for myself." One of Ocean Spray Cranberries' Melanie DiBiasio's biggest obstacles has been herself. Like many career women, self-promotion doesn't come easy. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, the director of media & martech talks about learning to become her own advocate. She also shares memories of her supportive and beloved boss: opening up about what she learned from him and his passing, how he truly empowered her, and his incredible reaction when Melanie asked to be promoted..."F*ck ya!"

  • Leveraging TikTok to Scale Your Social Media in The MediaPost Cases on 03/03/2023

    Brydge CMO, Patrick Keller, discusses how organizations can leverage cost efficiencies to help scale the effectiveness and performance of your social campaigns.

  • Affiliates & Partnerships: Where Brand and Lower Funnel Merge in The MediaPost Cases on 03/03/2023

    Who says Brand and lower funnel marketers can't play nice? In the world of Affiliates and Partnerships, not only can teams play nice, but there's also an opportunity to create win-win strategies and tactics for everyone! As a lower funnel marketer at Big Island Coffee Roasters, where Partnerships have become her second word of the day (after 'coffee.....'), Head of DTC Kristina Smith shows how these channels have given her the ability to help out her Brand colleagues, and vice versa, with some out of the box thinking to create new opportunities and results outside of traditional Brand and PR activity.

  • Becoming Relevant via Cultural Moments in The MediaPost Cases on 02/10/2023

    Like many brands today, H&R Block wanted to boost their perception with a younger audience. In 2021, there were changes to the NCAA's Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rules. Being able to earn income off of their NIL meant a big payday for college athletes, and with that, tax consequences. This gave the tax preparation company a real opportunity to connect with consumers through a cultural moment. Pierson Curtis, H&R's Director of Growth Marketing & Engagement, will share how a culturally relevant, purpose-driven campaign helped them drive performance across paid, earned, and owned channels.

  • Retention Road: Identifying In-Need and At-Risk Customers in The MediaPost Cases on 02/10/2023

    Belle Tire's Senior Director of Consumer Engagement Marketing, Christina DeVey, shares details and lessons from the campaign that won MediaPost's EIS Award for Best use of AI and ML. How did they use predictive modeling and analytics to identify and reactivate the right at-risk customers at the right time. And how does that knowledge inform outreach strategies for new customers?

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