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  • Blazing Her Own Path: INFINITI Marketing Director's Road to Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 05/19/2022

    "I really struggled to have this balance of trying to figure out work, like trying to be really good at work and trying to be a really good mother, and there were days where I didn't feel like I might have been good at either one of them." With all the challenges a woman executive might encounter working in the automotive industry, motherhood was Shelley Pratt's biggest. Now the director of marketing & media at INFINITI, Shelley found her balance when she realized she didn't need to be perfect. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Shelley talks with me about succeeding in a traditionally male dominated industry, why she loves it, and how she's learning to be fearless from her daughter.

  • Defying Expectations: Petco CMO Stands Out From The Pack in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 05/05/2022

    "It was one of those early moments in my career where it just felt right, and I trusted my gut instinct, and I kind of had to swallow my pride." That instinct was to turn down a high paying job for an $8 an hour internship. But Katie Nauman has no regrets because the Petco CMO believes it's what ultimately set her marketing career in motion. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Katie talks about work-life balance, the duality of her career path and why not speaking up for oneself can be detrimental to all involved.

  • Zig Then Zag: A White Castle Alum's Path To CMO in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/28/2022

    "I'd be in meetings and be the only woman in a meeting, and they'd be shouting phrases out at me and things that were inappropriate, and, I made a decision, I was going to rise above all that." The "that" was the harassment she received from men she worked with early on in her career, and Kim Bartley certainly rose above it. The former White Castle CMO successfully advanced through the ranks at the quick service restaurant chain and now shares her learnings as an instructor at The Ohio State University. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Kim talks about seizing opportunities, why life and career are about harmony not balance, and what she believes is the most important thing one can do as a leader.

  • Bucking the Norm: A Political Marketing Exec's Strategy for Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/21/2022

    "Stop pussyfooting around the situation, just tell me what you're willing to pay." That was Edith Jorge-Tunon's actual response when negotiating the salary to manage her first campaign, and, as it turns out, is why they decided to hire her. The deputy executive director of the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) learned early on the value of being herself. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Edith talks about self-imposed censoring, finding her voice in republican politics and her not-so-secret obsession with Naked and Afraid.

  • Mall of America's Marketing Maven: "It's Never Boring" in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/15/2022

    "Leave the door open and continue to explore, and as your passions change as a human and a professional, continue to navigate those and explore." Mall of America's Sara Johnson doesn't recommend hopping from job to job, but also recognizes how change can bring a fresh perspective to both employer and employee. As the mall's integrated marketing manager, Sara is quite happy where she is. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Sara talks about her early career choices, how they helped set her up for success and why working at MOA is never boring. You can watch the video of the entire conversation here.

  • Embracing the Setbacks: A D2C Skincare Founder's Recipe for Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/01/2022

    "I didn't find any support in the industry, everybody felt that this was a terrible idea to bring to the market." So Ulli Haslacher decided to do it herself and created her own "climate-smart" skincare line, Pour Moi Skincare. She says it took a lot of collaboration, and having attended a number of MediaPost summits, the Founder & CEO even credits what she learned during those events for helping her company grow to where it is today. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Ulli talks about always being open to learning new things, why she embraces the setbacks and why her childhood memories make what's happening in Ukraine even more heartbreaking for her.

  • Go Bold or Go Home: Del Taco's Marketing VP's Recipe for Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 03/03/2022

    "People are going to call you a bitch, they're going to call you a lot of names, do not change anything that you are doing. She goes, you scare them." Del Taco's Erin Levzow was told this early in her career by a woman executive she once worked with. She didn't understand it at the time, but eventually realized it was the best advice she ever got. Hear why, in this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, when the v.p. of marketing technology talks about the power of negating naysayers, finding therapy and ballroom dancing!

  • Courage, Gumption & a Dash of Curiosity: A QSR Exec's Recipe for Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/11/2022

    "My name is connected to who I am as a woman, who I am as an Indian woman, and that was one thing that I let people get away with for a long time, and now I'm like no." That one thing was mispronouncing Aarti Mehta's name. She shares why taking the "small step" of pronouncing it correctly not only shows respect for her but for her history as well. When not sharing strategies with fellow brand marketers, she's paying it forward to other women of color. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Aarti talks about finding her voice, learning to NOT say sorry and how making a list led the newlywed to her husband.

  • Rising to the Challenge: the Driving Force Behind Volkswagen's S.V.P. in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 01/27/2022

    "There's no better way to show that you're ready for something than to actually start to live it and act like you're there already." That's what Volkswagen's s.v.p. of marketing, Kimberly Gardiner, advises young women getting started. Good career advice for anyone, at any age! In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Kimberly shares with Lisa her unique perspective on pushing the boundaries, setbacks and why she "loves, loves, loves" her job.

  • Raising the Stakes: Disrupting the Eco-Friendly CPG Industry in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 01/21/2022

    "It was really, really, really, really hard, and we kind of just felt like we were all the way back at square one." The eco-friendly brand, Outlines, had a "rocky start," says co-founder, Meg Murphy. After COVID hit, their game-changing investor pulled out, shutting down the consumer product company before it even got started. In this episode of MediaPost's Brand Insider: BTS, Meg describes that experience as truly unique. Explaining that as devastating as it was, the pandemic helped put things into perspective for her. She also talks about hitting reset, silver linings and their brand's mission of "responsible replenishment."

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