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  • How This VP Created Right Brain & Left Brain Harmony in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 05/23/2024

    "There are different ways to approach the same problem or challenge and multiple ways could be right because the decision is ultimately a decision. What you do after it makes it right or wrong. So I would say, worry about the outcomes less and focus on the process." Focusing on the process is what led Divya Ramaswamy to be's VP of Growth, something she recommends to anyone just starting out. She goes on to advise those pursuing a career, to choose areas you're good at, and then allow others to help you learn what you don't know along the way. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, she explains, it's about building yourself into what you want to be. Divya opens up about the moment she realized not everything is worth fighting for, especially if the conflict is between her peace of mind and everything can probably guess which one wins. She also believes stability and flexibility can work well together, and though a big fan of consistency, this complex data maven isn't afraid to try new things.

  • Why Life Is Bueno For This Ferrero SVP in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 05/16/2024

    "There's this idea of Instagram versus reality and things feeling like they have to be so perfect, but the reality of life is things aren't perfect. It's messy and stuff goes wrong, and it's actually about how you take on those challenges and learn from them and grow from them and move forward that really make us more resilient." Danielle Sporkin has certainly taken on those challenges and grown! Ferrero's svp of media & marketing services, NA believes most women, especially working moms like herself, feel this pressure to "have it all together" or at least appear as if they do, and, though sometimes helpful, she's finally learned she doesn't have to. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Danielle goes on to say it's okay to be vulnerable and admit we don't have all the answers. Instead it's about how we respond that makes a difference. She also advises everyone, whether senior level or just starting out, to be curious and open to new opportunities, crediting a willingness to take on new jobs and raise her hand a lot for her robust career-- one that includes a nine year stint on the New York Roller Derby circuit! Can you guess what her Derby name was?

  • How This Connect The Dots Collective Founder Keeps Bucking The Odds in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 05/03/2024

    "You're satisfied with the financial part of it, but if you're not tickled every morning when you get up at least half the time or excited about what you're working on, then rethink it." Terry Wheatley is certainly excited about what she's been working on, and she wants younger generations to be the same. The founder, managing partner at Connect the Dots Collective advises those just starting out to not just look for the next title or the next raise, but instead choose a career path that fulfills and makes you happy. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Terry goes on to counsel younger women to listen and learn from whomever is around you. She also talks about bringing her experience to the table, accomplishing her dreams, and her rodeo cowboy husband...a champion at that!

  • From Orphan To VP... Why This SOKO Ad Exec Had "No Option" But Succeed in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/19/2024

    "I'm Brazilian, as I said, but I'm also lesbian, and I came from a poor family here, so, in my case, my vision [of] innovation is having the courage to, I don't know, not stopping at the first no. So just keep going and keep going and believing in your dreams." Gabriela Rodrigues certainly kept going. Early on in her career she encountered a lot of nos trying to get her first job in advertising, but undeterred, she persisted to become the VP of Impact at Brazilian ad agency SOKO. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Gabriela shares, that as an orphan, she had difficulty believing in her future, but also knew she needed to succeed, not only for herself but her sister too. She talks about the responsibility she feels to be an example for younger generations, the importance of inclusion, and why a person's uniqueness is their biggest power.

  • Why This Clarks Exec Is Coming Up Roses in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/19/2024

    "I was often the youngest person in the room and the only woman...I'm now really comfortable with it. I didn't used to be when I was younger because I was trying to figure out, do I try to act like them? Now I'm confident, and I just embrace it." What Tara McRae now embraces is her uniqueness, and she wants other women to do the same. Clarks' chief marketing & digital officer advises women to have confidence in being themselves, something she wishes she had been told early on in her career. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Tara is happy to report she now finds herself sitting around the table with multiple women. She also admits to making mistakes, and that's a good thing, because it means she's taking risks, learning from her mistakes, and constantly evolving; making her a better leader today.

  • This Merck Exec's Prescription For Success in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 04/12/2024

    "It really forced me to grow up quickly, but it was one of the toughest times of my life to ever leave, I never left home before...but it pushed me to grow quickly. It pushed me to become independent quickly. It pushed me to adapt quickly to an entirely new country, an entirely new culture." Sayali Kadam was the first person in her family to leave India, and as scary as that was, she sees it as the defining moment that helped make her who she is today. The director of commercial agility & launch at Merck goes on to say that her driving force at the time was, simply put, to make something of herself. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Sayali talks about the experience and credits her mom for giving her the push to venture off on her own. She also opens up about learning to speak her mind, her love for travel, and the importance of giving back.

  • Why This Taylor Morrison Exec Continues To Shake Things Up in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 03/28/2024

    "My husband is a stay-at-home dad, and, I think, still in 2024, that's not as common as, say, your stay-at-home mom, for instance, so I don't want to say I've ditched the playbook, but I've absolutely ditched that stereotypical family makeup." Ditching the traditional family playbook wasn't initially easy for Stephanie McCarty, but, as it turns out, was the "best decision ever." As chief marketing & communications officer at Taylor Morrison, she believes it's allowed her to be fully present at work when there and fully present at home when with her kids. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Stephanie goes on to encourage women who are the breadwinners to embrace it and not worry about what others might think. It's about doing what's best for your family. She also talks about chasing the work, the value of simply asking questions, and why shaking things up at home can be a good thing!

  • How This Central Garden & Pet VP Is Making Her Own Way in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 03/14/2024

    "Transitioning from that little young girl in Havana, I've always dreamed of having a career and working. I was passionate about it, but...people would laugh at me, laugh it off, saying my best bet was to marry into such aspirations, but I wanted to leave a mark." And Katia Colston certainly has left her mark. On her own at the age of 15, the now vp of ecommerce sales at Central Garden & Pet left Cuba with a dream of building a career in the U.S., something she now describes as an "out-of-body experience." In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Katia admits her early years in the traditionally male-dominated CPG industry were challenging, but also believes it's why today she's driven to help other women follow their own career journeys.

  • How This Ally Exec Is Doing It Right! in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 03/08/2024

    "Don't do things that make you unhappy, but do things that are hard because you know hard doesn't always equal unhappy. Hard is good. It's it's good to be uncomfortable, and it's good to push yourself and figure it out." Bridget Sponsky, executive director of brand and sponsorship marketing at Ally, has continued to push herself throughout her career and says competing in sports growing up taught her to be a part of something bigger. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Bridget says she believes sports are important for women's leadership development and shares an interesting statistic with me...94-percent of C-Suite women leaders were part of sports. She also goes on to talk about being drawn to the ad industry, wanting to expose her daughters to her work early on, and how she was a cheerleading trailblazer.

  • How Nationwide's Marketing VP Is Carving Out Her Own Path in Brand Insider: Behind The Scenes on 02/28/2024

    "I think people need to know that no matter where you come from and where you grew up and who your family is, it's possible to break through all of that and get somewhere you want to go." Kristi Daraban did just that! Having held senior positions at NBCUniversal, Nestle and Disney, to name a few, she is now the associate vice president of marketing at Nationwide. As a first-generation Hungarian- American, she discovered early on the need to carve out her own path to get where SHE wanted to go. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Kristi tells me that, as a pioneer in digital media, she has pretty much had to invent her job throughout her career. She also talks about her grandmother's bravery and how it motivated her to believe anything is possible, including being supermom at home...with the help of a few TikTok videos that is!

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