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Lisa Singer

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  • ShopRite's Paperbird Soars in The MediaPost Cases on 05/27/2021

    When Wakefern Food Corp. set out to redefine their Own Brands, they went to their consumer - and let insights drive every step of the process. From brand positioning to packaging design to brand activation, Wakefern treated the launch of Paperbird with the same respect as a best in class CPG brand. Laura Kind, VP of Brand Strategy, shares how her team translated the consumer emotion around messes into highly relatable Paperbird brand work.

  • Waking Up To Gaming in The MediaPost Cases on 05/24/2021

    Bud Light's Director of Sports Marketing talks esports opportunities for brands, Bud Light's own strategic approach and how (and how not) to suit up for the virtual game.

  • Multicultural Representation In Automotive Advertising in The MediaPost Cases on 06/01/2021

    To ensure accurate portrayals of women and girls, the Ford Motor Company team followed insights provided by the ANA's #SeeHer movement. The result was a campaign created by and for Black women, affirming the automotive brand's commitment to supporting the advancement of positive representations of them in media and advertising, both in front of and behind the cameras.

  • Return on Delight: Thinking Beyond Tecovas' Bottom Line in The MediaPost Cases on 05/27/2021

    With a Net Promoter score of 92, the Tecovas brand clearly captured the hearts and minds of boot fans. CMO Rich Lesperance explores how the company thinks beyond the bottom line and invested in the delight metric, both online and in store.

  • SimpliSafe Secures Its Next Growth Strategy in The MediaPost Cases on 06/01/2021

    SimpliSafe, the category-defining brand of DIY home security, has already succeeded in reaching beyond the digitally savvy base and into general awareness. Company CCO, Don LeBlanc, shares lessons learned as he brings his data-driven marketing culture into awareness campaigns that build brand even as they drive sales.

  • Hubble Tests TikTok & the "EYES" Have It! in The MediaPost Cases on 05/24/2021

    The sheltering-at-home lifestyle saw consumers watching more video than ever before, including expanding their viewing habits to new platforms like TikTok. Direct-to-consumer contact lens brand, Hubble Contacts, decided they didn't want to be beholding to just FaceBook and took advantage of the new trend. Hubble's Senior Marketing & Creative Director, Dan Rosen, shares how he tested the short-form mobile video platform and discovered a new audience, success and scale.

  • Keeping it Real: Connecting Authentically with Multicultural Consumers in The MediaPost Cases on 05/27/2021

    Cadillac skews more heavy to multicultural buyers than other brands, so a lot of its overall marketing plan has that emphasis. The brand's partnership with Regina King, Diddy and Spike Lee give a clear indication of how important it is for the brand to connect authentically with multicultural customers. Not everyone can hire a-list stars and give Diddy a car but there are key takeaways that Alexis Kerr, head of multicultural marketing at Cadillac, shares to help other brands activate on a smaller scale.

  • D2C Brands Tune-In to Primetime in The MediaPost Cases on 06/04/2021

    TV's lower ad prices and higher available inventory enabled digital-first advertisers not only to test TV but to test some of primetime's most popular shows. Learn how testing and changing up your media plan can capture revenue growth, greater efficiency and data points while also establishing a consistent form of measurement with OTT.

  • Switching Gears: Lexus Broadens it's Image & Audience in The MediaPost Cases on 05/24/2021

    The importance of cultural connection points in advertising still holds true to build upon the equity in any established consumer relationship. Lexus 0to60 was created to illustrate how "performance" could create greater affinity within the Black consumer mindset for the Lexus brand.

  • And Now a Word From Alexa: Leveraging Voice Search & SEO Optimization in The MediaPost Cases on 05/24/2021

    While most hospitality organizations were trying to connect with consumers at the front desk, the folks at Red Roof Inn set their sights on more strategic voice opportunities. Kevin Scholl, Red Roof's Director of Digital Marketing, discusses leveraging voice technology, SEO optimization and why they're proud to be the only hospitality brand to engage with consumers in their homes and cars via Alexa.

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