Daily Online Examiner Editions for January 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 15, 2016
HBO Raises Concerns About Charter-Time Warner Cable Merger
IAB Dis-Invites Adblock Plus From Leadership Confab
Twitter User Drops 'Eavesdropping' Case
FCC Discusses Data Cap Exemptions With Broadband Providers
Real-Time Geographic Targeting Boosts Customer Feedback
Find A Friend Facebook Feature Ruled Illegal By German Court
Apple Allows An App For Hacking, With Exceptions
Publishers Aren't Panicking Over Ad Blocking Threat
Uber Pushes Miami Customers to Lobby on Its Behalf
Spammers Use New Credit Card Chips to Dupe Victims
Mobile Security: We Are The Enemy
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016
Varick Violated Privacy Code, Watchdog Says
Pew: People Willing To Disclose Personal Data, But Wary About Its Use
Yieldbot Becomes Profitable, Focuses On Mobile Location Targeting
Study: ESPN Popularity Wanes, 56% Would Drop Trad TV Service
Netflix To Enforce Geographic Restrictions
Bosses Given Power To Vet Posts And Messages In Landmark Ruling
UK Government Is Collecting Bulk Email Data
Foot-Tracking Cookies That Collect Data
Truth In Advertising: Who You Gonna Call?
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016
'Canvas Fingerprinting' Makes A Comeback
More College Admissions Officers Checking Social Media
Sen. Franken Questions Google About Student Privacy
BuzzFeed UK Gets A Wrist Slap For Native Ad
Warner Bros And Rightscorp To Pay $450,000 To Alleged File-Sharers
Changes In Search Engine Partnerships Cloud Quarterly Results
Director of National Intelligence Has Email Account Hacked
Police in The Netherlands & Canada Crack Into Encrypted Email
Netflix CEO Creates $100M Education Fund
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016
T-Mobile Defends Binge On, Says HD Streams Waste Data
Kentucky Lawmaker Wants One-Hour Delay For Posts About Accidents
House Republicans Want To Prevent FCC From Regulating Broadband Prices
House Votes To Reform Freedom Of Information Act
Yahoo Takes On Ad Fraud
Google Purges 12 Million-Plus Links In First Week Of 2016
MediaCom To Track Emotions: Integrate Into Content, Media Planning
Microsoft Pulse Gives Viewers Of State Of The Union Address A Voice
Turn Off Your Blockers (Or Maybe You Shouldn't)
One Third Of Employers Have Rejected Candidates Based On Social Media, Search
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 11, 2016
AT&T Resumes Selling 'Unlimited' Mobile Data
Cardinals' Ex-Scouting Chief Convicted Of Hacking Astros' Database
Appellate Court Says DraftKings And FanDuel Can Continue Operating -- For Now
House Subcommittee To Debate Net Neutrality Bills
The FTC's Email Blunder
What's Ad Blocking Really All About?
Ad Blocking Likely To Push Native Ahead This Year
Trumps Calls on FBI to Investigate Clinton's Email Scandal
UVA Dean's Lawyers Want 'Rolling Stone' Rape Accuser To Turn Over Texts
Police Calculate Threat Levels Based On Social Media
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Jan. 8, 2016
FCC Chair: 10% Of Americans Lack Broadband Access
A Novel Concept: Advertisers Caring About How Customers Regard Their Ads
Yahoo Settles Class-Action Over Email Scans
Adblockalypse Now - Why A New Consensus Is A Must For 2016
Netflix OK With Password Sharing
NY Regulators Approve Charter's Merger With Time Warner
AOL Email Users More Likely To Donate To Political Campaigns
Facebook Launches Email Campaign in India to Promote Internet For All
Uber Settles With NY AG Over Data Breach
CNBC Goes Behind Yahoo's Troubled Ad Business
U.S. Tech Titans Take Issue With U.K. "Investigatory Powers Bill"
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016
T-Mobile Expands BingeOn, Counters Net Neutrality Complaints
Google Removes 13 Malicious Android Apps
Appeals Court OKs Facebook's $20 Million Sponsored Stories Settlement
Former Yahoo, BlackBerry Execs Design Privacy Search Engine
Inside Forbes: From 'Original Sin' To Ad Blockers -- And What The Future Holds
Twitter Takes Legal Action In Turkey
Shareholder Group Demands Changes At Yahoo
320K Time Warner Cable Customers' Emails Hacked
Another DUI For The IAB
Six In Ten Parents Have Checked Kids' Social Media Profiles
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016
FTC Explores Benefits And Drawbacks Of 'Big Data'
EFF Calls For T-Mobile To Stop Automatically Throttling Video
ESPN Celebrities Fail To Disclose Tweets Touting Domino's Were Ads
SEO Exec Sentenced To 37 Months In Federal Prison, Ordered To Pay Restitution
Industry Groups Collaborate on Standards
Consumers Not Confident In Security, Says Reort
Push Notifications From Email Apps Are Bad For Your Health
Snapchat Moving Into Ad Tech
5 Key Things You Need To Know About The FTC's Guidance On Native
Social Media Still Riddled With Security Issues
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016
FTC: Lumosity Deceived Consumers With Testimonials, Ads
Apple And Fitbit Sued For Patent Infringement By Valencell
Yahoo Must Face Class-Action Over SMS Messages
FCC Pauses Review Of Charter Merger With Time Warner
New WiFi Coming For Connected Objects
CES May Point To End Of Smartphone Decade
Smartwatch Designed to Help Blind People Read Emails & Texts
NYC Payphones Are Being Replaced By Free WiFi Kiosks
'Las Vegas Review Journal' Mess Gets Messier, Adelson Discards Henchman
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Jan. 4, 2016
Consumers Duped By Native Ads
Authors Guild Wants To Take Google To Supreme Court
Twitter Brings Politwoops Back
Should Email Marketing Have A Curfew?
Warner Brothers Sues Legend Sky Over Devices That Copy Video
Feds Return Music Site Five Years After Shutting It Down
Ray Kelly's NYPD Emails Accidentally Deleted
Hawaii Becomes First State To Raise Tobacco Age To 21
Is Virtual Reality Safe?
Facebook Changes How We See And Search
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