• When Your Audience Outgrows You
    To engage with tweens, marketers must first capture their attention, then their imagination, then their loyalty; all this without alienating parents who want "more" for their kids but are wary of anything that smacks of shortening the distance between childhood and the teen years. Here are some ideas.
  • Foundations Can Teach Safety By Partnering With Marketers
    Marketers of ATVs and motorbikes reach families and sell their vehicles through advertising and promotions. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the ATV Safety Institute partner with these marketers to help get consumers started. Funded by all the major motorcycle makers, the MSF DirtBike School helps kids learn to ride off road.
  • Five Things You Should Know About Kids And The Internet
    For American kids ages 6-11, the Internet is much more of an entertainment platform than it is a venue for communicating, with most of the entertainment occurring within the home. Based on the results of our in-home survey, five characteristics emerge.
  • The Way To A Kid's Stomach Is Through The Mom
    Two-thirds of moms want provide something for lunch that their kids will eat without supervision. As many want there to be a taste their kids will love. While we traditionally think of the after-school snack as a kid-owned occasion, six out of ten of moms look for snack items that can appeal to the whole family. So, for marketers, it's important to message to their ideal, and ensure that you're considering their reality in the packaging and product form that you provide.