• Kids Say the Darndest Things
    The beauty of online product development is that your audience is right there to tell you what they want and, even more important, what they don't. I've led development for many adult products over the past two decades, but nothing is quite as humbling -- or revealing -- as the feedback you get from kids.
  • Marketers Can Help Kids Help Save Planet Earth
    A new generation has stepped up to meet the challenge of preserving our environment. These young activists come from all socio-economic backgrounds and from all parts of this country. Unlike prior generations, one thing these mini eco-warriors do have in common is a unified concern about their environment and a profound belief that they can make a difference.
  • News Flash: Kids Are Still Kids
    For the past several years, youth marketers have been clamoring about kids growing up faster. We've presented on "Age Compression" and the KGOY (Kids Growing Older Younger) effect at conferences, we've written books about it, and we've created news stories about the "acceleration" through childhood. We've pointed to how kids "age out" of traditional toys earlier, their growing influence in the home, and their expanding consumption of more mature content.
  • 7 Elements Of Media Design: Engaging Kids In Multimedia Platforms
    Before the digital revolution, advertising creatives and designers had to master narrowly focused knowledge and skill sets to optimize the consumer's engagement with a brand messages. Today, it is essential to understand consumer engagement with each discrete medium and how the interaction among those media influences brand message delivery.