Marketing Daily
Thursday, March 22, 2007
  • Harmony Pharmacy Opens Airport Store At Newark

    [Retail] The company is trying to tap a nascent market for travelers as well as the thousands of airport workers who, essentially, spend their … Read the whole story

  • Xerox Promotes Consulting, Color Biz With New Ads

    [Business Services] Xerox Corp. is continuing to expand its brand identity beyond standard office copiers with new advertising and marketing campaigns to highlight its … Read the whole story

  • Letters From Our Readers

    Our report from Hollywood, "Live from OMMA: Roehm, Womack Discuss The Future," drew comments from some of our readers, who found irony in Julie … Read the whole story

  • National Retailers Group Optimistic About Easter Spend

    [Retail] The fourth-biggest retail holiday will see an 11% gain in spending with candy the most popular purchase. More shoppers will be heading to … Read the whole story

  • Acura Brings Sponsored Events To Fans Missing The Action

    [Automotive] If the mountain can't get to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain. That's Acura's thinking as it gets ready to direct-mail a … Read the whole story

  • Most-Searched-For Brand In 2006? myspace

    Competitive intelligence monitoring service Hitwise reports in its newly anointed "Top 10 Searched for Brands" that the only "real world" brands to crack the … Read the whole story