Marketing Daily
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
  • Subaru Leverages Buyers' Philanthropy In Promo

    "In looking for a way to stand out during the December selling period, one of the pieces of research we see is that our … Read the whole story

  • We Can't Be Peppers No Matter How Hard We Try

    There are several morals to this story. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't sip more than you can drink. But perhaps … Read the whole story

  • Cyber Monday: Can't Trust That Day?

    Online retailers know they're as vulnerable to consumer anxiety as regular stores, and a new poll from the National Retail Federation finds that an … Read the whole story

  • ConAgra's Parkay Tub Is Talking Again

    The new campaign is promoting a new formulation that includes nonfat milk to enhance creaminess and texture. Nonfat milk was used "specifically to avoid … Read the whole story

  • KFC Invites Consumers To Share Holiday Traditions

    "At KFC we're all about families, and one of the Colonel's favorite occasions was gathering families 'round a good meal," says Javier Benito, executive … Read the whole story

  • P&G Charms N.Y. Visitors, Residents With Restrooms

    The 20 luxury bathroom stalls, served by attendants, have a winter wonderland forest theme. There are also baby changing stations, flat-screen televisions, a Charmin … Read the whole story

  • NFL To Experiment With 3D In Theaters

    The NFL will experiment by offering a game next month in 3D in theaters, but the technology may be eventually ticketed for in-home viewing. … Read the whole story