Marketing Daily
Friday, October 21, 2011
  • Hyundai's Veloster Effort Operating On 12 Cylinders

    Hyundai Motor America's marketing campaign for the new Veloster has more moving parts than the car itself. Besides a raft of 15-second, feature-focused advertisements, ... Read the whole story

  • IOM: Food Needs New, Federal FOP Labeling System

    The Institute of Medicine is recommending that the Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture develop a single, standard front-of-package nutritional labeling ... Read the whole story

  • Social Changes Brand/Consumer Interaction

    Mark Donovan, senior vice president for mobile at comScore, tells "Marketing Daily," "We've gone from explaining to explaining why mobile was something that was ... Read the whole story

  • Capital One Targets Small Biz With Spark

    Its Spark Miles and Spark Cash cards will offer the highest-value rewards in the marketplace, according to McLean, Va.-based Capital One. The Spark Cash ... Read the whole story

  • Lexus Puts Billboard On Pandora To Tout Safety

    Lexus is launching a program that takes its "Crash Test Genius" to Pandora. The effort also uses HTML5-enabled ad units on Pandora's website (which ... Read the whole story

  • Cinnabon Makes TV Debut In International Delight Spot

    The Cinnabon bakery chain is getting its first television exposure through a television campaign being aired by WhiteWave Foods' International Delight. International Delight licenses ... Read the whole story

  • How Internet Storefronts Coexist, Integrate To Drive Sales

    Now that people are doing their shopping online and even in the palms of their hands, it's easy to be unnoticed if all you're ... Read the whole story