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Thursday, December 29, 2011
  • Softer Diet Industry Guns For Tubby Men

    The shift toward men is due to slower growth in the industry overall. John LaRosa, research director for Marketdata Enterprises, says Americans spent an … Read the whole story

  •'s Anwyl On Autos, Part I

    In this two-parter, we speak with Jeremy Anwyl, vice chairman of, about the year to come, the year just past, and which players … Read the whole story

  • Cox's Facebook Effort Raises Money For Charity

    The effort consists of a Holiday Digeez Snow Globe that allows Cox's 250,000 Facebook fans to place their favorite photos into a holiday-themed snow … Read the whole story

  • Women's Expectations Don't Equal Their Motivations

    There are more women motivated to have balance in life and be fulfilled compared to those motivated to do it all. Seventy percent of … Read the whole story

  • Lempert: Boomers, Men Will Shape Food Trends

    The buying power of Baby Boomers and the increasing roles of men in food preparation and shopping are among the trends that will most … Read the whole story

  • Time To Get Serious About E-commerce

    This good news has many marketers dancing with glee, knowing they are well positioned to take advantage of the flurry of e-commerce activity. Read the whole story