Marketing Daily
Thursday, July 12, 2012
  • Taco Bell Ads Use 'Edible' QR Code

    The codes, made from fruit, visually drive home the fresh and healthy nature of the Cantina Bell menu items, which are made from ingredients … Read the whole story

  • Adidas Wins Euro 2012

    Adidas is the real winner of Euro 2012. YouGov BrandIndex says it enjoyed a big perception lead. That means Adidas doesn't have to eat … Read the whole story

  • Phillips 66, 76, And Conoco Offer Giveaways

    Gas station chains Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco are encouraging travelers to hit the road this summer, despite apprehension about gas prices. The company … Read the whole story

  • Target, Neiman Marcus Partner For Holiday Collection

    "All marketing innovations are, to an extent, strategic bets," Ted Zittell, a Toronto-based consultant for McMillan/ Doolittle, tells "Marketing Daily." "But these two companies … Read the whole story

  • Get Ready For Retail 'Showrooming'

    According to a survey conducted by Capgemini of 16,000 shoppers around the globe, consumers expect the traditional model of brick-and-mortar stores carrying inventory to … Read the whole story

  • Cruze Eco's Great; Will Kids Buy Stick?

    When I borrowed the Chevy Cruze Eco (slightly smaller than) midsize car to give it a spin last weekend, I was a little surprised … Read the whole story