Marketing Daily
Thursday, July 19, 2012
  • Survey: Big Gains Ahead In Back-To-School Shopping

    Remember last summer, when moms were abuzz with how they were skimping on back-to-school shopping, and making that grimy backpack take one more trip ... Read the whole story

  • Target, Walmart Get Digital For BTS

    Discounters are upping their digital game this school year, with both Walmart and Target making it easier for shoppers to do more of the ... Read the whole story

  • Gas Station TV Switches To High Test

    The gas pump media company is changing its brand positioning in tandem with a big expansion program. GSTV says its network reaches 32 million ... Read the whole story

  • Youth Won't Be Served

    From an online survey of 7,213 adults in 19 countries, the firm found that three-quarters believe society has grown too youth-obsessed. And respondents said ... Read the whole story

  • DirecTV Competitors Take Aim Over Viacom Networks' Blackout

    Multichannel network sellers are looking to make gains at the expense of the ongoing DirecTV-Viacom stalemate over carriage fees, according to one media analyst. ... Read the whole story

  • An Ad Agency In Denver?

    Whether you set up shop in Denver or New York, the future of marketing is about creating a soulful, personal connection between the brand ... Read the whole story