Marketing Daily
Thursday, July 19, 2012
  • Survey: Big Gains Ahead In Back-To-School Shopping

    Remember last summer, when moms were abuzz with how they were skimping on back-to-school shopping, and making that grimy backpack take one more trip … Read the whole story

  • Target, Walmart Get Digital For BTS

    Discounters are upping their digital game this school year, with both Walmart and Target making it easier for shoppers to do more of the … Read the whole story

  • Gas Station TV Switches To High Test

    The gas pump media company is changing its brand positioning in tandem with a big expansion program. GSTV says its network reaches 32 million … Read the whole story

  • Youth Won't Be Served

    From an online survey of 7,213 adults in 19 countries, the firm found that three-quarters believe society has grown too youth-obsessed. And respondents said … Read the whole story

  • DirecTV Competitors Take Aim Over Viacom Networks' Blackout

    Multichannel network sellers are looking to make gains at the expense of the ongoing DirecTV-Viacom stalemate over carriage fees, according to one media analyst. … Read the whole story

  • An Ad Agency In Denver?

    Whether you set up shop in Denver or New York, the future of marketing is about creating a soulful, personal connection between the brand … Read the whole story