Marketing Daily
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  • Will Gen Y Girlcott Topple Cover Girl? Or Roger Goodell?

    After constant efforts from beauty companies to strike viral gold with young women, those women are hitting back with viral campaigns of their own. … Read the whole story

  • NFL Opinion, Loyalty Way Down, But Teams Keep Fans

    YouGov BrandIndex says people's opinion hasn't been this bad since 2012 when the league banned purses and bags in stadiums, and the world learned … Read the whole story

  • GoDaddy Tells Small Business Truths

    Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy's chief marketing officer, tells "Marketing Daily:" "Running your own company is hard. We wanted to embrace the honesty of their days … Read the whole story

  • Rebrands, Launches New Site

    "The new identity was designed with that single idea in mind: that truly gives you unparalleled insider access to America's most popular travel … Read the whole story

  • Macy's, Sherwin Williams, Target Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

    With the kickoff of Hispanic Heritage Month, retailers are eager to join the fiesta. And they're hoping to woo Hispanic shoppers, who are typically … Read the whole story

  • Bahlsen Launches U.S. Push On 125th Anniversary

    Bahlsen North America sponsored a recipe contest among 15 influential food bloggers. The challenge: Create a birthday cake recipe using Bahlsen's signature Waffeletten cookies … Read the whole story

  • I Love The '80s

    King Digital Entertainment raised $500 million in its public offering on the back of its Candy Crush game. Sweet. Markus Persson's Minecraft was just … Read the whole story