Marketing Daily
Monday, June 26, 2017
  • LG Asserts 'Jetsons' Future Is Almost Here

    "We want consumers to be able to see how LG Electronics is leading the future with advanced appliances that make 'life good,'" a brand … Read the whole story

  • Sprite Releases Its First Music Video, New TV Spot

    The seasonal campaign, part of the brand's "Wanna Sprite" umbrella campaign, is based on Sprite's offering limited-time cans and bottles bearing lyrics from six … Read the whole story

  • Pro Golfer Promotes Colon Cancer Screening

    Jerry Kelly will wear a Cologuard-branded hat for the next two years at tournaments to help raise awareness of colon cancer and the importance … Read the whole story

  • Stores, Stuck In Shame Spiral, Still Overlook In-Store Digital

    "Retailers tend to have this knee-jerk reaction toward digital, and this sense that it is taking away sales. But these innovations actually solve fundamental … Read the whole story

  • Majority Of Millennials Believes Money Can Buy Happiness

    This generation is also optimistic about the future, with 51% of Millennials agreeing that they are confident in their financial future. Read the whole story

  • Slater Is Back In The Next Installment Of HP's 'The Wolf'

    HP has revealed the next series of The Wolf, starring Christian Slater, depicting various, real-life hacking scenarios targeting the healthcare industry. The series is out of Giant Spoon … Read the whole story