Marketing Daily
Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Lincoln Enlists Serena Williams As Navigator Ambassador

    Williams' first big vehicle purchase after one of her major tournament wins was a Lincoln Navigator that she named "Ginger." She says she was … Read the whole story

  • Subway Campaign Stresses Customization, Marks 'New Direction'

    Called "Make It What You Want," the campaign spans TV, social media and digital channels in the U.S. It will kick off with a … Read the whole story

  • Kimpton Has That H.U.M.A.N Touch

    The hospitality brand introduces its new "operating system" with its new "Stay Human" campaign. Read the whole story

  • As Amazon's Prime Expands, Grocery Stores Look For Comebacks

    Where forecasts once said the majority of people would buy groceries online in 10 years's time, the FMI now believes 70% of the U.S. … Read the whole story

  • Unilever Demands More - And You Should, Too

    Digital media is a swamp. It's scarier and more dangerous than ever. Risky news. How can we navigate these waters, if they're so muddy? Read the whole story

  • Spice Hunter Seeks To 'Hack The Rack'

    One digital banner suggests, "Score major brownie points" and provides a recipe for garam masala brownies joined by the message "rich, warm spices add … Read the whole story