Marketing Daily
Friday, June 24, 2022
  • Gen Z Frustrated By Vehicle-Buying Experience

    Gen Z consumers found it more difficult to buy a car online (22%) than any other generation, per a CDK Global study. Read the whole story

  • #Are NFTs Fading? Burberry, Old Navy, Macy's Don't Mind

    Burberry's launching a new NFT collection starring a gentle-yet-cheeky unicorn named Minny B. Read the whole story

  • 'Dirty Dog' Promotes Clean Streaming In VidAngel Campaign

    An uninhibited dog explains virtues of VidAngel, subscription service that lets users filter out objectionable content from streaming movies and shows. Read the whole story

  • Grocer Save A Lot Shows How Its Brands Are 'A Lot Alike' Nati'l Competitors

    Ad uses side-by-side product images to pit Save A Lot's house brands against higher-priced national-brand competitors. Read the whole story

  • PlayStation Ad Plumbs Mysteries Of Identity

    "How can you know yourself until you've been where we weren't meant to go, won and lost more than you ever knew you could?" Read the whole story