Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2019
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019
Trust In Media Rises, More So For 'Informed Public' Than 'General Population'
Crime, And Pun Is Meant
DHS Reports Cyber Attacks Against Government Agencies
BBB Warns Of Government Shutdown Email Fraud
To Save Politics, Learn From Ecommerce
Starcom Wins McDonald's Russia
British Newspapers Stockpile Ink, Paper Pre-Brexit
Google Considers Pulling News Service From Search Engine In Europe
2019 Looks Like Another 'Year of Outrage' For Publishers
Facebook's Petition Feature Comes Under Fire
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019
Have Voters Grown More Cynical Or More Sophisticated? Depends On Who You Ask
Creeped Out, But Users Feel Facebook Accurately Labels Them Politically
(Most) Americans Don't Want To Watch A Political Bowl
Shutdown Aid: Kraft Opens Free D.C. Pop-Up Store; Nestle Waters Helps Tackle Parks Clean Up
Judge Nixes Citizenship Question On Census
Ad Industry Asks California AG To 'Clarify' New Privacy Law
Massachusetts DA Ties Sackler Family To Too-Aggressive OxyContin Marketing
Dear Facebook: It's Not Me, It's You
Steele Offers Experience, Marketing Savvy As 'Real' Republican
TV Vs. Digital 2018
D-GOTV: Do Digits Drive Turnout?
Data In, Targeting Out
Campaigning for Digital
Rethink Ways To Use Texting For Better Results
The New Social Cycle
Looking Back, Peer-to-Peer Did It For The GOP
Reflections On Bread, Butter, And Partisanship
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019
President's Campaign Breaks 'Crisis' Ad Salvo Leading Up To Tonight's TV Address
Trump TV Spot Hypes Border Security
Breitbart's Traffic Spirals Downward Over Last 3 Months
Citing 'Trump Circus,' Security Expert Resigns From NBC News
'Politico' Launches 'California Pro,' Covers Policy And Legislative Issues
Judge Blocks Maryland Online Disclosure Law For Political Ads
The POTUS Who Cried Wolf
Zuckerberg To Hold Nationwide Talks About Facebook, Tech
Forget Brexit, Brits Prefer The World Cup And 'Love Island'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019
Hitting The Wall
Warren Sends Email Blast Over Probable 2020 Run
Search: And It's A Wrap For 2018
'The Washington Examiner Magazine' Hires New Editors
Going Russian: Importing Rogue Political Media Plans
Trump Contests Lawsuit Over Media Retaliation
Google And Facebook Settle Complaints Over Political Ads