Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for January 2021
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021
Doctoring Doom
North Dakota's Proposed Opt-In Privacy Law Needs Overhaul, Ad Industry Argues
'International Marketing' Peaked In Wake of Election
Preserve Section 230, Watchdogs Urge Biden Powers Through Pandemic With Surge In Addressable Programmatic
Lawmaker Blasts Facebook Over Political-Group Recommendations
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021
So Nice To See!
Cover Story: 'Day One'
Presidency Lost: No Cambridge Analytica
Whither The Lincoln Project Now That Trump Is Gone?
Trump-Era FCC Issues Cheery Broadband Report
Post-Trump, A New Era Of TV News
Fox News Host's Ex-Spouse Gets Last-Minute Trump Pardon
Battle Over Trump's Twitter Blocks Could Still Reach Supreme Court
Fox Digital Layoffs Include Exec Involved In Calling Arizona For Biden
Google Suspends Margaret Mitchell, Researcher In Its AI Division
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021
The Media Optics Of The Capitol Insurgency
'Take Nothing For Granted In Democracies': One Exec's Response To D.C. Crisis
Twitter And Facebook Lock Trump Accounts After Mob Invades Capitol
Lincoln Project Joins Chorus Of Those Demanding A Second Impeachment
Facebook Reinstates Political Ads Pause In Georgia, As Critics Slam It For Allowing False Ads
Trump Bans U.S. Transactions On Eight Chinese-Connected Apps, Including Alipay, WeChat
Creative All-Star: Reed Galen
Early Outlook For Publishers As Democrats To Control Senate
Ted Danson For 'Mayor'? It Is As Unbelievable As It Sounds
TV Station Group Tegna Sees Record Political Ad Revenues In Q4
How Much Is Too Much? Election Provides Valuable Marketing Lessons
Facebook Pages Redesign Eliminates 'Like' Button To Focus On Followers