Lincoln Project Joins Chorus Of Those Demanding A Second Impeachment

The Lincoln Project, MediaPost’s Creative Agency Of The Year, has added its voice to the growing chorus of those demanding that Trump be impeached. Again.

A number of publications, including The New York Times and Time, and numerous congressional Democrats have called for a new impeachment process, and or prosecution, citing Trump’s incitement of the assault on Capitol Hill by thousands of protesters yesterday.

The assault was the first time a domestic mob successfully breached the Capitol building. And it did so at the bidding of the sitting president, who egged them on in person and via social media. The last time a breach occurred was during the War of 1812, when the British stormed and torched the edifice.

Multiple Democratic political leaders in Congress and within state governments have called for impeachment proceedings and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is reportedly drawing up impeachment papers. Others will surely follow.



Most of those commenting cited Trump’s actions as seditious or unstable, which could lead to his removal by way of the 25th Amendment.

“Make no mistake, this is sedition and insurrection,” stated Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson, “People have long asked why the Lincoln Project has targeted Trump’s Republican allies, and today they have their answer. Those Republicans who have endorsed and encouraged Trump’s lawless coup attempt in the House and Senate deserve to be prosecuted, not seated in the halls of government.”

“The House should immediately impeach Donald Trump for directing and provoking this attack. The United States Senate should immediately vote to convict and remove him from office. Any Member of Congress who refuses to do so should be considered a co-conspirator.” 

I think that sums up nicely the feelings of many of those who have taken a similar public stand. 

And for those who might argue that in two weeks he’ll be gone anyway, I would say, no, someone with that much power, who openly and recklessly abuses it in the ordinary course of doing business, needs to go now.




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