Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for July 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 29, 2022
It's Time For A Change, And By That, I Mean A Crisis
'New York Times' Hires John Keefe To Head Extreme Weather Team
New Index Ranks Brands Based On Misinformation Risk, Tesla Is No. 1
The Moonies And Their Media
Democrats Introduce New Net Neutrality Bill
Conservative Pundit Can't Sue Over Account Ban, Twitter Argues
Senate Bill Would Permit TV, Radio Marijuana Ads In Legal States
Meta Asks Oversight Board About Changing Its COVID-19 Misinformation Policies
FTC Sues To Block Meta Purchase Of Virtual Reality Fitness App
Ousted CNN Host Chris Cuomo Tapped For New Prime-Time 'NewsNation' Show
Disney Changes Hulu's Censorship Policy For Political 'Issues' Ads
Senate Committee Advances Bills That Would Restrict Ads And Content For Teens
California Privacy Agency Staff Recommend Opposing Federal Bill
Google Fined $34M By Russia, Claiming Abuse Of Dominant Video Hosting
California Bill Would Use PBS-NPR Model To Support Local Media
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 22, 2022
Season One, Episode 15
Prime-Time Hearings Test Public Interest In Jan. 6 Inquiry
GroupM Unveils Plan For Industry-Wide Standard To Reduce Media's Carbon Output
But How Do We Decarbonize Mobile?
Lawmakers Question Oracle, Amazon And Others Over Location Data
FCC Questions Mobile Carriers Over Location Privacy
Bill That Would Outlaw Behavioral Advertising Advances To House Floor
Horizon Detects Inflation-Era Consumer Segments, Divides America Into Three Economic Mindsets
New Bill Would Abolish Arbitrary Data Caps
Meta Transforms Facebook To Chase TikTok, Reduce Regulatory Exposure
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, July 13, 2022
If You Believe 'Bothsidesism,' You Believe In An Oxymoron
TV News Buries Astonishing Space Story Under The Usual Violence
Senators Press Meta Over 'Censorship' Of Abortion Posts
Twitter 'Relished' Trump's Presence On Platform, Ex-Employee Testifies
FTC Warns Companies Against Calling Data 'Anonymous'
Dentsu Also Revises Outlook Downward, Cites Same Reasons: Inflation, Global Unrest
Truth Well Gaslighted
Twitter Sues Musk For Trying To Cancel Merger
Disinformation, Narrative Warfare In The Coming Midterms
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, July 6, 2022
The GOP Gang That Could Shoot Straight... Into Their Own Feet
SCOTUS Sets Off D2C Marketing Scramble In Massive Birth Control Biz
Google To Shed Location Data Showing Visits To Abortion Clinics
In Sparks & Honey's World, Nothing Is Certain Except Death, Taxes And This New Report
Google, Microsoft, Others May Have Unknowingly Shared Data With Sanctioned Russian Companies
Havas Media Taps Long-Time Media Exec -- And Former Mayor -- As Head Of Growth
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
A Mere 20% Of Americans Trust TikTok With Their Data
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, July 1, 2022
Why I'm Endorsing Liz Cheney For President
Biden Reportedly To Urge FTC To Protect Abortion Seekers' Data
New York AG Blasts Google Over Anti-Abortion Centers In Maps
Internet Searches For Abortion Medications Rise After Leaked Supreme Court Ruling
Planned Parenthood Rallies Allies
California May Allow Users To Sue Social Media For Addictive Design Features
The Twitter News Bubble: Used More By Journalists Than General Public
Misinformation Rater Offering Free Compliance Assessment To Advertisers, Agencies, Ad Tech
The Dream Of Democratization Is An Illusion
Gmail Spam Plan: Google Asks FEC To Approve Program To Avoid Blocking Of Political Emails
Jeep Named Top Patriotic Brand
Nonreligious To Launch Holiday Weekend Ad Campaign
Some Women's Healthcare Brands Market Differently Now
FCC Asks Apple, Google To Remove TikTok From App Stores